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Why Choose Paras Bliss?

50 years of legacy with Innovative, high-quality care tailored to meet your needs


Highly Trained
Gynecologists & Nurses

At Paras Bliss, our team of obstetricians place a special focus on normal birthing. Our care team designs personalised birthing plans and labour strategies to offer safe and normal vaginal delivery. Package starts from Rs. 59,999/-

Focus- on-Normal-Delivery

Focus on
Normal Delivery

Ultrasound | MRI | CT Scan | X-Ray one stop solutions


Advanced Radiology
under one Roof

Level III Neonatal ICUs for babies born prematurely or with serious complications


Level 3 ICU

Adult ICU Specialists available 24*7 to take care of the mother, in case of any emergency

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care for
any Emergency

Advance Monitoring Centre to track and report health of mother & child across all stages of pregnancy



Availability of Blood Bank in case of excessive bleeding


24 Hours
Blood Bank

Multi Speciality Super Specialist support for expecting mothers: Diabetes | High BP | Cardiac Ailments | Brain Stroke | Dietitician | Physiotherapy



Team Of Super Specialists

Dr Poonam Banka
Consultant - Gynaecology,

Paras HEC Hospital, Ranchi

A renowned clinician and minimal invasive surgeon with organ sparing approach in surgery. With her upgraded knowledge, expertise, skills and long experience, apart from providing best possible treatment, she is very particular about sending back home her patients, in ease, fearless, happy, satisfied with improved quality of life. Her qualification, expertise, further increased, as we see her vast working experience in various set ups, localities be it urban, rural, or industrial, as - Apollo's owned hospitals ( Chennai, Madurai, Bilaspur Chief & founder consultant, Kolkata Gleneagle's) Hindalco hosp - sr consultant & HOD . Her Motto is- Medicaly, all ladies must be fearless, happy, healthy and enjoy improved quality of life, from birth till death.She Brings long experience of 30 Years in specialised OB-GYN practice, 28 yrs experience of laparoscopic surgery, 22 yrs of hysteroscopic surgery.Read more
Dr Anshu Agarwal
Consultant - Gynaecology,

Paras HEC Hospital, Ranchi

Dr Anshu Agarwal is an experienced Gynecologist & Obstetrician. She comes with over 10 years of experience. Her are as of expertise include Minimal Invasive Minimal Invasive Surgery (Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy), Hish Rish Pregnancy and Assisted Reproduction, Gynecological Oncology, Reproductive EndocrinologyRead more
Dr. Vikash Anand
Consultant - Pediatrics,

Paras HEC Hospital, Ranchi

Dr. Vikash Anand is Consultant of Department of Pediatrics have 16 years of experience. He is proficientin managing emergencies in paediatric & Neonatology. He is also proficient in various emergencies procedures and has expertise in managing critically sick patients. He has done fellowship in Neonatology from Rani Hospital, Ranchi. He has expertise in paediatric emergencies, Neonatal Critical Care and NALS.Read more

Packages On Offer

Motherhood Package –
  • STAY - Normal Delivery - 2 Days, Caesarean Section Delivery (LSCS)- 3 Days,
  • Professional Fees of Consultant, Surgeon fee
  • Operation Theatre Charges & Cases, Anaesthesia Charges
  • Investigations and Blood Tests Including – CBC(Complete Blood Count), Blood Sugar, PT(blood clotting test), APTT(blood coagulation test), HbsAg(Hepatitis B Antigen test), HIV 1 & 2, Blood Grouping
  • Drugs, Medicines & Consumables Include - Normal Delivery up to INR 8,000, Caesarean Section Delivery (LSCS) - INR 12,000
Ante Natal Care - Package 1
(First Trimester upto 13 weeks)
₹4270 /-
Haemogram | ABO and RH Grouping|FB+PPBS | HIV I & II Rapid | Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBSAG) - Rapid | HCV | TSH | Urine Routine | VDRL | Ultrasound Early Pregnancy
Ante Natal Care - Package 2 Second Trimester (13 to 28 Weeks)
Anomaly Scan Level II (19-20 Weeks) | Hemoglobin | Urine Routine | OGTT-1 | TSH |
Ante Natal Care - Package 3 Second Trimester (28 to 40 Weeks)
₹ 2702/-
CBC | Urine Routine | HIV I & II Rapid | Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBSAG) - Rapid | USG Obstetrics (Growth Scan) Late |
Super Speciality Services
  • Pre- marital & pre Pregnancy – Counselling & management.
  • Sexual Health, Contraception counselling, advice on safe obstetrical carrier
  • Antenatal services
  • Management of sub fertility (Infertility)
  • High risk obstetrics, Critical care in obstetrics
  • Holistic management – tailor made specialized care as per individual’s unique needs
  • Fetal Medicine
  • Painless Delivery
  • Dietetics & Nutrition
  • Physiotherapy for expecting mothers
  • State of the art Labor, Delivery & Recovery Room
  • New Born Care & Pediatrics
  • Dedicated Pediatrics Specialist
  • Neonatology
  • Neonatal level 3 ICU
  • Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Psychiatric Medications | Applied behavior analysis
About Us
Paras Bliss is a unique chain of specialized Mother and Child Care center that aim at providing holistic medical expertise.
It provides a combination of clinical guidance and specialized care programs aiding the expecting mothers in embracing motherhood and making the newborn feel more welcome, comfortable and happy in the new environment. Paras Bliss through its numerous unique initiatives is dedicated to provide care beyond birth by providing postnatal weight reduction programs, postnatal newborn care, pediatric assessment, vaccinations and adolescent hygiene programs.
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