Testimonials : Abhinab

Survior Story

After a struggle that was not easy, nor conventional, Abhinab is living a completely new and healthy life

Patient name
Treatment name
Autologus Stem Cell Transplantation
Doctor Name

Dr. Shrinivas Raut

Consultant Medical Oncology,

Paras Cancer Centre, Patna

Abhinab Kumar

Born and brought up in a family of farmers, Abhinab was a healthy child, full of energy and enthusiasm. He was also a bright student at school and was exceptionally active in studies as well as extra-curricular activities. His humble background always motivated him to do something that would make his parents proud.

However, Abhinab’s dreams started to became a bit cloudy when he began to experience weakness, depression and didn’t feel like going out to play or exercise. Days became months as his weakness and depression continued to grow. This was also accompanied with some unusual symptoms of fever and glandular swelling over the cheeks, neck and ears. The parents were very worried about their child’s continuously deteriorating health and loss of concentration. They went on to consult local doctors, who misdiagnosed him with mumps. Incorrect treatment compounded the issues already present and one day his blood tests revealed that his situation was definitely more than just mumps. With hemoglobin of just 4 gm., leukocyte count of 1.5 lakh and an abysmal platelet count of 40,000, his worried parents decided to consult specialists. Post recommendations from few doctors, they decided to come to Paras HMRI Patna.

“The most painful experience for a mother and father is to see their child in pain and not be able to do anything about it,” shares Niraj Kumar, Abhinab’s father and a humble farmer from Lakisarai.

Dr. Shreeniwas Raut, Consultant Medical Oncology at Paras Patna, post few tests, a bone marrow examination, flow cytometry, and Immunophenotyping confirmed the diagnosis as Acute Leukemia, after which the family’s life has gone through a radical change.

Such kind of diagnosis is not just difficult for the patient but also for the parents. It was advised that Abhinab would have to go through chemotherapy along with blood transfusion to boost his hemoglobin and platelet levels. The patient went through the advised clinical protocol for three months and responded well to the treatment plan.

– Dr. Shreeniwas Raut.

But all was not well, as just as the doctors and the parents began getting hopeful, Abhinab had an episode of seizures due to a drug reaction and had to be hospitalized. It was diagnosed that he had suffered from Sagital Venous Sinus Thrombosis. Abhinab started to suffer from high grade fever and his treatment protocol had to be changed with anticoagulants, antiepileptic & antibiotics.

It was as if we would lose our son. Just when we had started to stabilize our lives, fate decided to strike us again

shares Niraj, Abhinab’s father.

His treatment plan continued to have set backs as he developed major herpes lesions that made him a non-candidate for chemotherapy. After recommendations from the tumor board, it was suggested that Abhinab go through an Autologus Stem Cell Transplantation – a technology that could act as a replacement to chemotherapy and cut short the duration and toxicity of chemo. This was actually the first stem cell transplantation that would be performed in Paras Patna.

Due to progressive infected lesions the patient was not a candidate for allogenic stem cell transplantation. At that time owing to possibility of high transplant related mortality the cons of allogenic transplantation outweighed the benefits. This was not just a first of Paras Patna , but also a first for Bihar & Jharkhand.

– Dr. Shreeniwas Raut.

After 6 months of the stem cell transplantation, Abhinab has gained a new life. He has been taken off intensive chemotherapy and is free of leukemia. Furthermore, his blood count is near to normal, as is his life style.

I feel new! As if my entire body has been cleansed and built with love, compassion, care and trust. I owe my life to my parents, with whose persistent efforts I am alive today and to the doctors of Paras Patna because of whom I can be with the people I love