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After a successful Oral Cancer Treatment, Pramod gets a second chance at life

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Dr. Shekhar Keshri

Consultant Radiation Oncology,

Paras Cancer Centre, Patna


Mr. Pramod, for years had been a habitual smoker and an alcoholic. Despite the repeated requests of his well-wishers and family members for giving up his destructive habits, he seemed to be unwilling to give them up. It is often seen with people that smoke and drink, they seem to believe in their own health and that regardless of the numerous warnings, nothing bad would happen to them.

But these days of content were not aplenty when the situation finally seemed to catch on to him as he started experiencing extreme discomfort. Like a persistent sore throat, he began feeling a definite hoarseness in his voice and had difficulty in even swallowing his food, which soon escalated to a loss of appetite and difficulty in chewing food.

The pain was becoming worse with every passing day. I couldn’t eat or sleep. My family members all said that it is bad karma

– Mr. Pramod recalls.

After battling with the pain for a while and on receiving a number of recommendations, Pramod decided to consult a specialist at Paras HMRI hospital. At Paras Patna, Dr. Shekhar Keshri, Consultant, Radiation Oncology suggested a few tests which went on to show that Pramod was suffering from advanced stage of Carcinoma Oropharynx also known as oral or oropharyngeal cancer.

Oropharyngeal cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the oropharynx. Smoking or being infected with human papillomavirus can increase the risk of oropharyngeal cancer. Signs and symptoms of oropharyngeal cancer include a lump in the neck and a sore throat.

– Dr. Shekhar Keshri

The persistent alcohol and tobacco abuse was the reason that Pramod’s situation had reached such an advanced stage, and developed into generalized cachexia (weakness and wasting of the body due to severe chronic illness). Unfortunately, as revealed by diagnostic tests and a PET scan, the tumor was located at such a place that it could not be operated upon.

The treatment plan was especially designed for him. This treatment was a combination of highly conformal radiation and concurrent chemo therapy. Pramod was recommended radical therapy with a weekly chemotherapy plan. Treated with fourth generation linear accelerator delivered IMRT for the primary tumor, it took seven weeks of rigorous treatment to remove all visible and residual disease from the body.

Two years later, after regular follow ups, Pramod is now leading a healthy and disease free life. He smiles and says only in one sentence that he learnt it the harder way that one should not subject oneself to destructive habits at all.