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Paras Heart Team

Paras Heart TEAM

Get Opinion on Heart Surgeries and Stenting Operations

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    Please register and share your medical reports. Latest ECHO reports or angiography reports are necessary. Please share any other hospital admission, blood reports or imaging details.

  • Heart Team

    Paras Heart Team comprising of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons will review the medical reports and information provided by you. The heart specialists shall discuss on the best possible treatment protocol for you based on international guidelines.

  • Expert opinion on Treatment

    Paras Heart Team prepares a well detailed medical plan/recommendation for the patient. The same highlights the best choice for the patient – Medical Management for Heart Disease , Heart Surgery, Stenting or any other cardiac catheterization procedure.

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Paras Heart APPROACH

Get Second Opinion on Heart Surgeries and Stenting Operations

  • Online opinion anytime, anywhereReceive heart opinion and treatment plan - online
  • Asia's best cardiologistReceive treatment plan from Asia’s best heart specialists
  • Visibility before treatmentTransparent treatment plan before embarking on medical care
  • Evidence based cardiology opinionOpinions backed by international guidelines

The right treatment plan - is the best step to Heart Cure.

Confused what would suit you better?

Cardiac Surgery or Stenting?
Opt for a HEART TEAM
Know what is best for you!

Now let a transparent system help you decide your Heart Treatment Plan Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon launches PARAS HEART TEAM

A collaborative approach of a cardiologist and a cardiac surgeon who together study your medical history, diagnostic reports and suggested treatment plans to recommend the action plan that would suit you the best.

It provides a holistic evidence-based and ethically correct treatment to the patients with various cardiovascular diseases. The main goal of this treatment is to provide a patient-centric care where the family and patient participate in the decisions that are being informed and taken by the team. The various alternatives to the treatment of a disease are discussed in the presence of the patient and family and the outcomes of each approach is also discussed in order to understand and meet their expectations. The final treatment that is offered to the patient is only provided once the family and the team give their final decision.

The heart team constitutes of:

  • Interventional Cardiologist
    Specializes in catheter based procedures that are performed in the catheterization laboratory. Performs procedures such as Angioplasty or Stenting.
  • Cardiothoracic Surgeon
    Specializes in open heart surgery, minimally invasive surgery and surgeries for valve replacement.
  • Anesthesiologist
    Specializes in providing safe sedation and post surgery care.
  • Family Doctor (if possible)
    The primary care physician or the doctor who deduced that you need consultation from a tertiary care centre specializing in heart care surgery or interventions.
  • Cardiac Coordinator
    Organizes the meetings and coordinates the care amongst the doctors.
  • Best patient treatment plan recommendation
  • Collaborative and comprehensive approach
  • Both specialists – Cardiologist and Cardiac Surgeon involved
  • Open discussion to decide Open Heart Surgery vs Stenting (Cardiac Catheterisation)
  • Shared decision making with patients and families
  • Transparent approach for treatment selection
  • Patient and families given a platform to discuss apprehensions and concerns with both – Cardiologist and Cardiac Surgeon
  • Systematic approach to manage and counsel patients

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