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Paras HMRI Hospital Patna is one of the best hospitals in Bihar provide medical expertise for General and Laparoscopic Surgery. The hospital is well equipped with the state of the art technology and is supported by the best team of laparoscopic surgeons, GI surgeons and gynaecologists who have the expertise to perform path-breaking surgeries. The surgeons specialize in single incision laparoscopic surgeries (SILS) that provide the patient with the best comfort and relief.

Through SILS the patient has fewer chances of infection, less blood loss, less dependence on medication and faster recovery. The laparoscopic surgeons have successfully performed numerous complex surgeries successfully for a hernia, appendicitis, haemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis, GI Surgery and fistula. The laparoscopic surgeons associate with the other specialists to provide you super specialty care for surgeries related to gallbladder stones and kidney stones.

Paras Institute of General and Laparoscopic Surgery is also supported by the best diagnostic technology – ultrasound, MRI, X ray. The institute is well supported by a team of intensivists, critical care specialists that provide the best care to the patient in the ICU. The hospital and its team of experts can efficiently perform numerous laparoscopic surgeries in a day alone, allowing the patient the comfort to go back to his routine as soon as possible.

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