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Back Pain Clinic

Back pain is one of the commonest causes to visit a doctor. Back pain can arise due to a simple muscular strain and may also be the presenting feature of major disease like tuberculosis or tumor. Hence the commonly associated pain should be treated with caution.

Back pain may also arise due to specific causes –   injury to vertebrae / muscle; degenerative changes occurring in structure like inter-vertebral discs, facet joints; fracture involving the vertebrae; deformity of back – kyphosis or kyphoscoliosis; infection or tumor affecting vertebrae and mechanical causes like overweight, faulty postures.

Back pain also can be due to causes which are otherwise not specific and is hence termed as nonspecific back pain. Whereas low back pain (pain in region between ribs and pelvis) is commonly mechanical in nature and not due to serious pathology; mid back pain i.e pain around the middle portion of back – is usually associated with some serious pathology and should not be neglected.

As mentioned above- back pain with specific causes can be associated with:

  • Pain radiating along legs
  • Tingling or numbness along legs or at times weakness in legs.
  • Weight loss, associated difficulty in activities of daily living point out to serious underlying issues.

These above mentioned conditions warrant medical advice. Most back pains are treated with short duration of rest, physiotherapy modalities, active activities like yoga, swimming, running etc. Drugs like anti- inflmatory, muscle relaxants and rarely steroids help to tide over acute painful episodes. Life style modification, preventing being overweight, maintaining good posture helps in long run. Conditions not responding to these modalities may need pain management or at times surgery.

Paras Patna has a specialised Back Pain Clinic supported and spearheaded by spine specialists, orthopaedicans and rehabilitative staff. The clinic has specialised clinical protocols and pain management tools to address back pain issues. The clinic also has a robust surgery team that specialises in treating congenital spinal deformities and chronic back pain. Over the years numerous patients suffering from chronic back pain have got relief through the clinic.