Paras Healthcare was established in 2006, with the mission of providing specialized tertiary medical care services at affordable prices to under served communities across the country. This private healthcare provider stands apart from others in its vision of making healthcare for all a reality for ordinary people in rural and remote regions. Every single individual working in a Paras Hospital from doctors to nurses and the management- is united in the endeavor to deliver top quality healthcare to all. Paras Healthcare is a leader in establishing specialized hospitals in places that lack access to healthcare, specifically super specialty tertiary care.

Specialised Procedures at Paras Healthcare

Paras Healthcare provides the latest technology & medical procedures in all its units. The team of reputed doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals ensure that quality care at affordable costs is always delivered to the patients. We ensure that cutting edge technology that benefits patient treatment and outcomes is introduced in the hospital ecosystem.


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Dr. Jyoti Prakash Karn

Consultant – Intervention Cardiology
Paras Global Hospital, Darbhanga

Dr. Jyoti Prakash Karn is a reputed

Dr. Amarnath Shaw

Consultant- Cardiac Surgery
Paras Global Hospital, Darbhanga

Dr. AmarNath Shaw is a reputed CTVS Surgeon with specialized