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Paras Institute of Renal Sciences is an interdisciplinary unit providing comprehensive care to renal patients through an integrative medium encompassing diagnosis, management and treatment. The institute includes specialists having expertise in – urology and nephrology. Paras Institute of Renal Sciences provides individualized medical care with high precision catering to renal disorders of varying complexity.


The Nephrology Department at Paras Darbhanga administers specialized care to patients with problems related to functioning of the kidney. Our treatment procedures range from providing specialized medical care to providing dialysis or transplantation, as and when needed. The department provides specialized treatment to manage patients with chronic kidney disease and acute renal failure. The laboratory also provides access for kidney biopsies and detailed pathology studies.

Our specially designed dialysis suits are outfitted with latest facilities and advanced dialysis machines to match the comfort levels of a patient. Further, our team of highly experienced nephrologists and technical staff strive to ensure that the dialysis sessions are safe and conform to international standards. Paras Darbhanga is the first hospital of the region to have a Dialysis Suite.


The Urology Department at Darbhanga focuses on ensuring safe and effective surgical treatment which range from common to complex in the level of severity. Possessing expert diagnostic skills, our expert team of urologists has excellent proficiency in modern surgical technologies.

Moreover, our Urology Department is backed by state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities and is aided by advanced technology to expedite precise diagnosis and specialized treatment of a wide spectrum of male and female urinary diseases. The department specializes in treatment and management of kidney stones, urinary incontinence, gall bladder stones and sexual health issues.

To ensure holistic care and speedy recovery of our patients, our team of dedicated psychologists and physiotherapists further extend their therapeutic support.

Paras Hospital Darbhanga is the first hospital in the region to provide dialysis care.

Highlights of Dialysis at Paras Institute of Renal Sciences:

  • Comfortable environment and especially designed dialysis suits that ensure that absolute patient comfort is provided.
  • Team of highly proficient dialysis care technicians and nephrologists to ensure that your sessions are safe and as per international protocols.
  • Adherence of all international protocols of dialysis, inflection control, water quality, record maintenance and reprocessing of the dialyzers.
  • State of the art dialysis machines that ensure that your sessions are safe and well delivered, The machines have automated controls that save your personal information and vitals for future use.
  • At Paras Institute of Renal Sciences the water quality used for the sessions is of highest degree. The waters used for the same, is purified from a double membrane RO system ensuring international standards of dialysis procedures.
  • The dialysis sessions can be scheduled as per your convenience.  A number of centers of Paras Institute of Renal Sciences also provide dialysis sessions at night.

Paras Hospital, Darbhanga is the first hospital of the region to provide comprehensive kidney care – management of acute kidney failure, chronic kidney disease and acute nephritis.

Paras Institute of Renal Sciences is a leader in the diagnosis, treatment and long term management of a range of kidney disorders. These include primary or secondary kidney disease, electrolyte disorders, hypertension, CKD2-5, and the provision of kidney replacement therapies such as dialysis and kidney transplantation. Experts use well developed protocols for the treatment of sexual dysfunction, infertility, Hypogonadism, Micro Penis and Erectile Dysfunction. Minimally invasive laser treatment is used for obstructive enlarged prostate glands, ensuring patients quick recovery and return to normal function

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