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Paras Institute of Dietetics & Nutrition in Darbhanga includes a team of expert nutritionists and counselors that provide safe, evidence-based dietary advice and management to individuals (in health and disease). The team of exceptional nutritionists works in close conjunction with other departments to establish a healthy understanding of the connection between nutrition and treatment, and impart the most beneficial dietary recommendations to each and every patient.

Along with providing nutritional guidance, the nutritionists are proactive in educating both the daily OPD patients and the outpatients in the Obesity Clinic, Bariatric Diet Clinic, Oncology Diet Clinic, and Antenatal Diet Clinic. Each patient gets personalized attention for adhering to a therapeutic diet, based on their clinical condition.

Dietetics & Nutrition Department at Paras Hospital, Darbhanga offers clinical services in these specific areas:

Special counseling pertaining to adoption of healthy diet in daily life is also one of the routine tasks that our expert panel undertakes. This special counseling on nutrition, eating and meal planning is provided to professionals, corporate, communities and schools.

To know more about the cost of treatment and the estimate for weight loss diet, diet program for management of diabetes, PCOD, thyroid, , please share your request and reports at contact@parashospitals.com

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