The Urology Unit is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and offers highly advanced and comprehensive solutions to complex surgical problems. Paras Institute of Renal Sciences supported with a team of reputed urologists provide comprehensive treatment for a number of male and female urinary issues.

Paras Institute of Renal Sciences specializes in Andrology. The Institute has well developed treatment protocols for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and infertility issues. The team also specializes in treating cases of Hypogonadism, Micro Penis, Erectile Dysfunction and Infertility. The Institute also has multi disciplinary approaches through which they provide comprehensive treatment for Penile Prosthesis, Penile Lengthening and Penile Vascularization along with Varicocelectomy.

Paras Institute of Renal Sciences also provides comprehensive treatment for obstructive enlarged prostate glands. The Institute specializes in providing minimal invasive laser treatment which ensures early mobility and early discharge.

Paras Institute of Renal Sciences also specializes in providing treatment for Women oriented urinary issues like- urinary incontinence. The Institute provides comprehensive surgical and medical management protocols for the same. Patients are also counseled by a team of psychologist and physiotherapists that provide the patients the rehabilitative support needed.

Paras Institute of Renal Sciences also provides treatment for urethral strictures, treatment of the genitourinary tract and for the range of pediatric urological issues.

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