10 Ways Dads Can Be More Involved With Their Children| Dr. Monica Agarwal | Paras Bliss Panchkula

10 ways dads can be more involved with their children

10 ways dads can be more involved with their children

by: Dr. Monica Agarwal
Sr. Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Dads often feel lost when a baby arrives in the family as many tasks like feeding, bathing, changing comforting the baby are assumed to be of the mother. But these days there are no gender specific roles and with some effort dads can also contribute to the care giving of the baby in many ways and create that bond and wonderful memories which can last for a lifetime.

  1. Help the new mom feed the baby- If she is breastfeeding the baby, you can get up along with the mother and help her with picking up the baby, holding, positioning and generally helping her out while talking to the baby. After the feed you can burp the baby while she settles down and gets the much needed rest. If you are bottle feeding the baby for some reason then you can learn lot of things about preparing formula, sterilization even position and feed the baby.
  2. Change the baby- You may cringe at the thought of changing the baby at first but if you start doing the task, firstly it will a great help and blessing to the mother and also will help you bond with the baby. It is also not as bad as it sounds. In fact you can be aware about the bowel movements of the baby and in a way help monitor its health.
  3. Bathe the baby- Babies really love water and enjoy their baths a lot. It feels wonderful to take charge and give a bubbly bath to the baby while listening to all the happy sounds it makes while the process. You slowly learn to clean and touch the delicate baby parts with ease and finish the task in a jiffy. So you can bond, clean, have fun together while giving some me-time to the mother all in one go.
  4. Don’t worry- Stop worrying all the time about being a perfect dad. You will slowly and steadily learn things. Trust your instincts as there is no rule book on raising children. All parents do it in their own unique manner. If you care for your wife and family, you will automatically become a great father
  5. Give the mother a break- Take turns to look after the baby. Give her time to take care of herself. Watch the baby if she is resting. Give her time to go out with her friends or any other place she wants to go.
  6. Play with the baby- Babies are very playful from very early age and you can keep some time to play with baby in your own unique manner. This will develop bond and trust among you and give you and the baby some exercise. Baby will learn some happy emotions and feel protected
  7. Take the baby for walk – You should try to keep the baby in natural surroundings as much as possible and inculcate love for nature. The fresh air, greenery and the relaxation will be good for the whole family. This will also encourage outdoor activities in the baby
  8. Read to the baby- Babies can look at pictures and follow the emotions in your voice from a very early age. You can read to the baby age appropriate books, show it pictures and develop the healthy habit of reading. It also develops synapses in the brain and make the baby more inquisitive and smart.
  9. Feed them- As the child grows, you can participate in its feeding more and more. Baby will learn healthy eating and trust you. Also talk to the baby while feeding and develop that lifelong bond
  10. Spend quality time –Basically learn about the needs of the baby and spend some quiet and quality time together. You can watch a movie, participate in their general care like brushing teeth, clothing them, putting to bed etc.

Lastly I would like to say that gender stereotypes is a thing of the past as nowadays there is role reversal and the mother is also the breadwinner of the family and fathers are participating in care of children and other activities of the house. It is always refreshing to change your roles and do the work of the other domain and feel proud.

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