10 Ways How Mothers can Relieve Stress -

10 Ways How Mothers can Relieve Stress

10 Ways How Mothers can Relieve Stress

by: Dr. Bharti Minocha
Consultant, Gynecology

Stress is now a part of everyone’s daily life. A little stress can be buffered, but in current life situations, levels of stress have been escalated to unmanageable levels. Physical, mental and emotional vulnerability are the results of stress. The hormones are  partly to be blamed making it even tougher for Moms to handle stress.

how mothers relives stress

Try the following measures to disengage from daily stress:

1. Give yourself priority:
It’s perfectly fine for a Mom to give herself priority and it doesn’t have to come with a bag of guilt. Schedule a time slot for yourself in a week where you shall do what you wish to do and how you wish to do, from taking a spa to catching up with a friend to sleeping to etc.

2. Exercise regularly:
This is mandatory as it releases endorphins which are the feel good hormones. Type of exercise, its duration and intensity may depend on the physical demands of your body. It need not be fancy.

3. Sleep:
Get adequate sleep. Robbing your body of sleep only contributes to lower stamina, bad mood swings and more stress.

4. Have a manageable schedule:
Nothing is achieved by being on one’s toes all the time. Plan your daily schedules and goals in an achievable manner. A packed weekend may leave you more stressed than relaxed.

5. Share responsibility:
It is a wonderful idea to delegate work and share responsibility. It might just give you some time for something you love.

6. Eat right:
Having a balanced diet, consuming adequate quantities of fruits and vegetables, milk etc can go a long way in equipping your body to biologically handle stree.

7. Develop a social connection:
Man is a social animal. Have friends, connect with them. Share your problems. It gives us a perspective. Laugh with them. Besides friends may act as an excellent buffer for outburst of acute stress.

8. Develop a hobby:
Apart from routine mundane work, which keeps us obsessively occupied, invest time in any hobby of your choice. This will also stay with you when aa a Mom your daily activities become less demanding.

9. Take a break:
Plan vacations regularly. Short frequently breaks are better stress busters than long infrequent ones.

10. Be grateful:
Be grateful and cherish what you have. Someone out there may be dying to be like you. Doesn’t that freak you out Moms!!!

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