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12 Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby

12 Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby

by: Dr. Sorabh Goel
Consultant - Neonatology-Paras Bliss, Panchkula

A newborn is the most awaited new member to the family. His/her birth is a moment of joy and excitement for all. Everybody wants to see the baby and wishes for his good health and future. Although the mother contributes the most, but fathers also play an important role in the child’s development from birth through adulthood. Various studies have concluded better overall development, school performance, language skills and fewer behavioural problems in children with an actively involved father. An actively involved father is the one who spends quality time with the child. A dad can be a positive role model for boys and help them to adopt a healthy gender identity as well as a better awareness of their feelings and emotions. Girls who have been more involved fathers are less likely to face mental health problems later in life.

Following are the tips to establish father and child bonding:

  • Touch is important – Bonding starts with birth of the child. Touch is the most important way of communication soon after birth. He shall also help mother in holding baby, making baby sleep in his lap, singing for him etc.
  • Be involved – He should also get involved in daily care of child from beginning like holding, massaging, bathing and diaper change. This will strengthen the bonding between father and the baby.
  • Be a part of your baby medical needs – Accompany the mothers for baby’s visit to paediatricians and understand the instructions given by doctors and nurse.
  • Spend time – As the child grow, his needs changes. Spend time in playing and having fun with them.
  • Give your baby your full attention – After coming from work do take out 30-45 min to sit and play with child. During that time he shall not involve himself in other work like internet chatting or phone calls.
  • Be informed – Do ask from child about their day at school. Get yourself involved in helping child in homework. Ask about friends and their hobbies. Read stories for them at bedtime.
  • Appreciate – Genuine praise and admiration from a father can help child to grow up to be an independent, confident adult.
  • Make them comfortable – As the kids enter the adolescence age, make them comfortable with you so that they can share physical and behavioural challenges they are facing.
  • Respect their mother – As kids are very affectionate to mothers so father’s respect for mother will also strengthen father’s bonding with baby too.
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