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5 Common Health Issues in Children

5 Common Health Issues in Children

by: Dr. Sorabh Goel
Consultant - Neonatology-Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Kids are very tender and prone to various minor and major health problems. We  will discuss few common health concerns which parents face at one or the other time in their life. It is important for parents to actually know about the same so that they can deal with them accordingly.

  • Abdominal pains:

Kids do complaint of abdominal pains at one time or the other. It shall raise an alarm if it is a regular complaint. Common causes of pain abdomen are worms, PICA i.e. eating nonedible things like mud, chalk, paint etc, urine infections and food allergies. Even psychological stressors like parental conflicts at home or stress at school may also manifest as recurrent abdominal pain in kids. If it’s a frequent complaint parents should consult doctor.

  • Worms:

Worm infestation is very common in India. Main cause of worms is lack of hygiene on the part of child or caregiver. We can prevent it by teaching kids or caregiver proper hand wash before meals and after using toilets. Every child needs regular deworming in consult with paediatrician.

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  • Teething Diarrhoea:

Kids very frequently develop loose stools or diarrhoea at the time of teething. People usually take it as a normal thing associated with teething and do home remedies for that. Teething has no relation with diarrhoea. It’s the simultaneous motor development of child which makes the child active and capable of exploring the outer world. During that process baby has the habit of mouthing i.e. takes everything into mouth which causes infection which results in diarrhoea. Always consult paediatrician if child has diarrhoea.

  • Allergies:

Various kinds of allergies are very common in children. It is commonly from dust, mites, and pets. Allergy can also be to any food items, more commonly to egg and milk. If you notice any particular symptom recurring in similar situation, its allergy. For example itching after going to a pet’s place, abdominal pain or rash after eating particular food, sneezing/cough while playing in park.  Primary treatment for allergy is to avoid allergen and medical care may be required at times.

  • Childhood Asthma: This is a type of allergic disorder in which airways/lungs are sensitive to allergens and on exposure to allergens kids feel tightness of chest, difficulty in breathing or coughing. Such child needs medical care and inhalers. Many wrong myths regarding the inhalers that it might increase asthma or it will make the child dependent on inhalers are not right. Keeping your child free from symptoms of asthma not only give your child a chance to grow to his/her potential but also prevent from its complications later on. So get your child properly treated under supervision of a paediatrician.

It is better than you understand that when a child is growing he or she can have certain health issues. Ensure that they maintain a healthy weight, eat nutritious diet and are active. Dont act like a hypochondriac and subject them to too many drugs. Most importantly do not self medicate, consult a paediatrician before you make your child take  any medication.

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