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5 diet habits for children to ensure that they grow well

5 diet habits for children to ensure that they grow well

Rapid growth occurs between the preschool years. A child grows about 2 -3 inches and 2-3 kg each year. Proper nutrition, opportunities to play and be physically active are critical to show growth of child properly. When your child starts to go to school, he or she will start growing quickly and become more active. So good eating habits are important since food can stabilize their energy, stabilise their mind and even regulate their growth and mind. Learning to make the right choices and actually making right choices is something that will come with time. Children are fussy eaters but their nutritional requirements cannot be played around you.

Important Diet Habits for Children:

Include the crucial Fours:  Protein, Calcium, iron and Vitamin A are the nutrients to keep the special eye on when it comes to your child’s diet. They also need other nutrients that form a part of a balanced diet like carbohydrates, fats and other vitamins and minerals.

Balance is the keyword calcium absorption needs Vitamin D and phosphorus in the right amount. Too much of phosphorus interference may hinder the calcium absorption.

Eggs and Milk a good source of calcium should be given to the children for their healthy growth.

Iron helps in increase of haemoglobin so good amount of pomegranate, spinach, pulses and jaggery should be included in the child’s diet.

Go to the source: Teach kids where their food comes from. Make them visit the supermarket, local farmer market and the dairy market too. The appealing colour may tempt your child to pick and eat it after bringing it home.

Give them freedom of choice:  Like the rest of us, kids too want to have it their way. Offer then a suitable base meal like rice, green leafy vegetables, cereals and fruits. Let kid choose the meal of their choice and eat well.

Drink to that:  Remember your child does not only have to eat 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables, they may drink them too. Make smoothies, fruit slush, juices etc.

Don’t give up: This isn’t to say that showing your child a papaya or orange 5 afternoons in a week may win them over, but its further to just suggest you that don’t give up on type child ’s eating habits.

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