5 Ways To Beat Pregnancy Blues -

5 Ways To Beat Pregnancy Blues

5 Ways To Beat Pregnancy Blues

Spa Therapy :

Pregnancy is a state of body which is full of do’s and don’t’s.as for skin care & various spa treatments during pregnancy one again needs to observe that extra caution. Opt for the simplest of procedures and facials comprising of natural substances. Avoid any kind of chemical peel, electrical stimulation,aroma therapy , bleaching agents, microdermabrasion, heat and light based treatment and retinoids (Vitamin A derivatives). Always tell your aesthetician or salon staff about your pregnancy and tell them to be gentle and light during massage to avoid any untoward mechanical irritation & trauma to your already sensitive skin. Harsh and vigorous handling of your skin during facial and massage may lead to skin rashes ,breakout and on certain body areas may lead to contractions of uterus posing complications.Seek massage from trained professionals only & during these sessions try not to lie on your back for long,instead lie on your sides using support of pillows.


Do not be experimental with your skin and wooed by the plethora of ‘new’ & ‘latest’ skin therapies. For acne and other skin related lesions & eruptions consult your dermatologist rather than resorting to self-medication & OTC products that may be absorbed by skin & harm your developing baby’s health.refrain from chemical treatment & coloring of hair .use a gentle shampoo and conditioner twice a week. Oil based creams & hair products may cause acne; so avoid them.

Retail Therapy :

To counter the mood swings & pamper yourself you can certainly resort to retail therapy. So long as its done keeping your finances & needs in mind its all good & rewarding saves you from the post binge-shopping guilt. Try interacting with newly become moms who can guide you about what all needs to be purchased , what often gets missed, best places to buy from and great deal offers. Trendy clothes and other stuff for baby & mommy will only add to the pleasure & eye candy quotient.

Fitness :

Keeping fit and healthy is the most important and foremost  aspect of pregnancy. You can subscribe to specialized prenatal packages that offer variety of training in form of yoga, pilates under trained professionals who customize your exercises for pregnancy & individual health issues. Exercising helps to reduce pregnancy related complications, normalize hormones & help in post delivery recovery phase too.


Pregnancy poses a lot of anxiety & stress to the mother which in excess may affect health too. Meditation helps to curb stress, improves sleep,mental well-being, instils sense of positivity & counters risk of post partum depression. Reduced stress during pregnancy has a positive effect on child’s emotional & physical development & it reduces pre-term labour& low birth weight babies.


pregnancy should be an easy and enjoyable journey for mother but that’s not 100% practical. Still some measures can help to maximize positivity and optimal health during this phase. Stock up on some healthy & holistic stuff that will inspire all the healthy moves like buying yoga mat & comfortable workout wear to ease out exercise schedule. Include healthy food items in grocery stash and fridge so that every meal & snack is packed with nutrition. Buy some books and magazines on parenting & pregnancy to prime your knowledge. Shop for maternity wear, baby cots, pillows, some soft toys, paintings & posters of babies,wall art to prep up your home & get all the good and lively feel as you get ready to welcome the next endearing phase of life called ‘motherhood’.

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