Acne And pregnancy -

Acne And pregnancy

Acne And pregnancy

Mostly pregnancy is associated with a glowing & radiant skin but quite frequently a number of pregnant women experience the problem of acne which could be quite bothersome. For some it could be a recurrence of problem they experienced in their early adolescent years, for others a continuation of existing acne problem which may flare up during pregnancy while few women experience improvement in their acne. The prime trigger is the increased hormone called androgen leading to increased sebum (oil) secretion and build up in the pores of skin. This alongside dead cells shed from the lining of follicle clog it creating conducive conditions for bacteria to rapidly multiply & grow leading to onset of inflammatory cascade & eventually manifesting as skin lesions of acne that may be of various


Acne is most common during first two trimesters though it can persist throughout. One has to be extra cautious with treatment modalities used for acne as they can cause harm to foetus ranging from mild defects to gross deformities. Do not resort to self medication and over the counter products without consulting your doctor.

Some basic measures that may help you

  • Use a mild soap free cleanser to wash your face twice a day. Avoid excessive rubbing & scrubbing as that may cause irritation & exacerbate acne
  • Don’t scratch, pick your pimples. That will only increase the acne & cause unsightly scars.
  • Keep skin supple using oil-free moisturisers. Dry skin as such and one due to acne medication is more prone to acne.
  • Keep your scalp clean esp if its oily & scaly. If you oil your scalp keep it for no more than ½-1 hour.
  • Keep your towel, face napkin separate and clean & not shared by others.
  • Use skin products & cosmetics that are oil-free and water based & non-comedogenic.
  • Take a healthy balanced diet rich in fibre and vitamin ,minerals. Cut down unhealthy fats ie saturated and trans fats.
  • Drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated makes skin healthy & clearer.
  • Strictly avoid medicines that contain retinoids( eg isotretinoin) either oral or topical.
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