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Acne in Men: Causes and Treatments

Acne in Men: Causes and Treatments

Dr Nirupama Parwanda - Dermatology Consultant
by: Dr. Nirupama Parwanda
Sr. Consultant Dermatologist Paras Bliss, New Delhi

Adult acne in men can be incredibly embarrassing. There’s something about pimples that just don’t go along with stubble and a square jawline. Adult male acne is no different than the acne you may have had when you were a teenager. Over 10%  of men over the age of 25 experience regular adult acne breakouts. Male adult acne is caused by excess secretion of sebum in the sebaceous glands, typically caused by an increase in hormones. When these hormones are mixed with bacteria, white blood cells move into the infected area to heal, causing a pimple.



  • Stress: Stress causes an increase in the androgen hormone, which stimulates your sebaceous glades to overproduce sebum. The androgen hormone is responsible for developing male traits.
  • Chemicals & toxins: Chemicals and toxins in skin care products you’re using can irritate the skin, causing inflammation leading to acne. Inflamed skin is more likely to see a build of up white blood cells, causing pimples to appear. Use natural men’s skin care and grooming products to avoid this type of inflammation.
  • Excessively Drying Out Skin: If you have a tendency to over dry your skin in order to remove oil, you may be causing yourself adult acne. Excessively drying out the skin causes your sebaceous glands to go into overdrive to bring your skin’s oil level back into balance. This overdrive mode creates too much oil, filling your pores and clogging them.
  • Lifestyle: Drinking, eating unhealthy and taking prescription drugs can cause adult acne in men.


In treating adult acne in men, the initial step is to have a clean face even though acne is not caused by dirt. This step involves keeping the follicles open by using skin cleansers that will remove dead skin cells.

  • Cleaning & cleansing – Gentle scrubbing with mild cleansers should be done so as not to irritate the skin, which will make the acne worse.
  • Medications- Mild to moderate cases of adult acne in men can also be treated with medications that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, azelaic acid. Prescriptions medications are also treatment options for adult acne in men. These medications may be antibiotics or medications containing retinoic acid or isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is the medication of choice in effectively treating severe cases of adult acne in men.
  • Laser and light therapy – It has had some developments in treating mild to moderate inflammatory acne although further evaluation is needed. This therapy mainly targets the scarring after adult acne in men.
  • Don’t pick your acne sores – It is also recommended that men with acne should avoid picking or squeezing the acne to prevent the condition from becoming worse and to avoid scarring as much as possible.
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