My Baby Cries for Hours at Night. Is it Normal? -

My Baby Cries for Hours at Night. Is it Normal?

My Baby Cries for Hours at Night. Is it Normal?

by: Dr. Amitava Sen Gupta
Director - Mother & Child, Neonatology and Paediatrics

If your baby cries at night, it is normal for babies to cry, do not panic. Even if your baby cries almost constantly, stay assured, it won’t harm but only put you and your partner in stressful situations. You need to understand that your baby is fully dependent on you for their basic needs of food, warmth and comfort. When they cry, it’s their way of communicating the demand of these needs and ensuring a response from you. However, it’s sometimes hard to work out which need your baby wants you to take care of, but as they grow they’ll learn more ways of expressing. Till then you need to be aware enough to recognize the cause behind your baby’s cry. Some of the most expected reasons are:


  • Hunger: The younger your baby is, the more likely it is that she’s hungry.
  • Unexpected crying: It can come and go and you’ll not know why. Babies need cuddling, physical contact and reassurance for comfort, so it might be an indication to you that they just want to be held.
  • Over-tired: Frequent visits of guests,may over-stimulate your baby and make it hard to sleep. Try to avoid unnecessary crowd near them, take them to a separate and calm room and soothe them.
  • Temperature: Check whether your baby is not feeling too hot or too cold by feeling her tummy and periphery.
  • Wet Nappy: A wet or soilednappy may irritate your baby at night and turn them cranky. Keep checking and changing their nappy at regular intervals.
  • Feeling unwell: If your baby’s unwell, their cry would be probably in a different, weak or high pitched tone, for you to distinguish.
  • Teething: Pain of teething may cause your baby to be upset and become irritable and restless.

As your baby grows old and with time you get to know their traits, you’ll learn which techniques work best for them. In the meantime, some ways you can try to soothe you crying baby are:

  • Cuddling
  • Play a constant music
  • Rocking
  • Mild massage or a tummy rub
  • Let them suck on something
  • Warm bath
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