Baby eating Days -

Baby eating Days

Baby eating Days

Don’t forget that your baby is a little human being like all of us and they have the small bean-shaped stomach so they have their own appetite. Every child has different patterns of growth in a house with different people. A child who has been introduced food at 4 months of age will most likely be eating more solid foods.

It is the parents who introduce foods in different forms so if a child has been introduced with pureed foods he will rely on it and if on solid foods they will have more of the solid’s form.
How much solid a baby can eat depends upon the variety of things you introduce to eat. Your baby will never starve or ask for something themselves. Resist the urge to make a child eat one more bite when baby indicates he/she is full. You don’t want your baby’s developing ability to override.

It’s important to pay attention to the cues of the baby. Offering a well-balanced diet in solid forms will help ensure that your baby is eating the right amount of nutritious foods.

Signs Baby Wants To Eat More

  • Leaning in for the spoon
  • Opening the mouth
  • Grabbing and putting in mouth

Signs That Baby May Be Full

  • Closing mouth as the spoon comes close
  • Spitting out the food
  • Turning the head away as food comes closer

Important points to keep in mind while feeding your baby:

Customise your baby feeding – No two babies will eat exact amount. The amount that each eats is just right for the baby. There is no set in the stone rule to babies they can eat and drink whenever they get up when they sleep. Sweet potato, mashed potato, bottle guard and pumpkin are the foods one should start with the baby mashed and then with the appealing vegetables like carrot beetroot.

Give attention to what your baby likes to eat – Babies too have different preferences one likes’ rice cereal but another doesn’t like it. Start with small amount of food and gradually increase it day by day and week by week. Please ever note that texture of food is a great deal for the babies. Some like purees, some chunkier.

Opt for the nutritious diet – Worried that your child is eating too much? Don’t put them on a diet, but do focus on offering nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lower-fat protein sources.  “Clean your plate isn’t a good mantra,” try to feed only that much which fills the small tummy.

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