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Baby Massage at Home

Baby Massage at Home

by: Dr. Meenu Verma
Sr. Physiotherapist

Massaging your baby is a great way to calm down your crying baby as babies loves to be touched. It also strengthens the bond with your baby. Massage should either be done by mother or grandmother. Opting for a maalishwali is not great idea.

Preparation for the massage:

 Before starting with massage make sure your baby is comfortable. The room should be warm with optimal light to avoid overstimulation. You can also add some soft music. Use edible oils like coconut or olive oil for massage as babies tend to put their hands in the mouth. Some babies might be sensitive to some oils so look for any sign of an allergic reaction. Rub the oil in your hand before applying. Also keep talking to your baby during the session like what is going on or what you are doing. Maintain eye to eye contact. Best time for massage is before or after nap. Avoid massaging after or before feed.


Duration recommended for the massage:

 It can last for 10 to 30 minutes. But if baby stiffens, cries, becomes uncomfortable or irritable, move to another body part or simply end the massage for the day. Progress gradually. And if your baby responds well, continue with the massage and cover all the body parts.

Techniques recommended for the massage:

 Handle all parts of your baby with gentle care. Put only light pressure. Use gentle strokes with your hands but firm, and shouldn’t be ticklish as massage is meant for relaxation. Remember forceful massage can injury your baby’s joints and muscles.

Use small strokes on hand and feet. Use long strokes on legs and arms. Cover the chest with a criss cross manner. Massage abdomen in clockwise and anticlockwise manner. For back use long strokes. Avoid massaging baby’s genital area. Remove excess oil before putting clothes on. You can also add on some gentle stretching exercises like knee to chest where you gently bring the knees towards the chest. It also helps in expelling gas.

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