Tips For New Father To Take Ca

Baby Tips For New Fathers

Baby Tips For New Fathers

by: Dr. (Maj) Manish Mannan
HOD Paediatrics & Neonatology

Whether you’re an expectant father or a new dad, your life has probably changed already in some exciting and surprising ways. Adjusting to those new responsibilities and expectations may feel overwhelming at first, but you’ll have plenty of time to get it on the right way. Having a baby brings a lot of new and sudden changes that can be adjusted with time. You can create a bond with your baby to make the changes in your life easily adjusted. Bonding refers to the intense attachment you develop with your baby. It’s the feeling that makes you want to shower your baby with love and affection.

Here are some of the tips that you can take care of and have blissful beginning with the new member in your life:

You can bond with your baby

Few small things can help a lot to have a good bond with your baby. The parent-child bond strengthens over time through everyday care giving. New father should have skin to skin contact with the baby, fathers can sing around their babies. Play with him every day. Newborns can enjoy playtime as much as older babies. Your style of play may be different than your partner’s, and that’s okay. Your baby will love playing with both of you. You can carry your baby and can go outside for a walk to spend time with him. Try to talk to your baby whenever you get time, initially it will look like you are talking to yourself but gradually you will enjoy talking to your newborn.

Take breaks from your hectic life

When you are going through a bad time in coping up with the new change in your life, sleepless nights, cranky partner, disturbed lifestyle pattern then it’s time for you to take a break. Go outside and take deep breaths and go for a walk alone to spend some time with yourself.

Spend quality time with your baby

Try to spend some quality time with your family. It is important for you to enjoy the time when you are with your new born and your family. When you look back on your life years from now, you won’t regret having worked longer hours. What you might regret is not having spent more time with your kids. Time spent playing on the floor or watching your baby sleep is time well spent.

Be the support that your partner needs:

Be extra patient, supportive, and communicative with your partner. Giving birth can be traumatic and hormones continue to flow after childbirth. This is the time you can understand your baby’s mom, and be available to her.

Share your doubts with others:

Last but not the least, share your experiences with other new fathers, discuss your doubts, if any with the pediatrician, have discussions with your partners, listen to the advise of others ,read about parenting, consult the experts, but consider yourself the authority on your child. No one will know your baby as well as you and your partner do.

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