Barriers To Breastfeeding For Working Mother |Blog By Dr. Surinder Kaur Gambhir, Parasbliss Panchkula Barriers To Breastfeeding For Working Mother |Blog By Dr. Surinder Kaur Gambhir, Parasbliss Panchkula

Barriers to Breastfeeding for Working Women’s

Barriers to Breastfeeding for Working Women’s

by: Dr. Surinder Kaur Gambhir
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Professional organizations recommend 6 months of exclusive breast feeding and the addition of iron certified food with breast feeding until at least with 1 year of age. This is the recommendations of organizations including World Health Organization, 2001; Despite these recommendations breastfeeding goals fall far below expectations and the low breastfeeding rate can negatively impact the health of women and children and the economic status of their families, communities, and nation. Breast fed infant is less likely to acquire illnesses than those who are bottle fed.

Breastfeeding and baby care – Biggest deterrants for a woman to join back work:

A recent report examining the past 20 years of breastfeeding research summarized the issues, one of the issues was a negative association between the breastfeeding continuation and employment. Most of the mothers return to the work place during the infant’s first year of life and face multiple challenges when they combine breastfeeding with employment.

We need to be sensitized about breastfeeding- Its importance & benefits:

First of all knowledge and attitude towards breast feeding by working mother is important. If their attitude is positive then it is good. But if the attitude is negative then she can’t breastfeed her baby and then after some time she will regret that why did it she lactated her baby, so knowledge has an important role in breastfeeding at work place.

We need to be develop breastfeeding friendly environments:

The second barrier is a lack of support at work. There is a lack of support from colleagues and employers in the institution regarding the breast feeding. The women can’t breast feed their infant in front of men. You have to find a place where other persons can’t see. The Proper place should be there, women can’t tell their boss that they have to breastfeed the baby or they have to express the milk for the baby. We don’t talk about such things. It is unacceptable.

Change your attitude towards mothers & breastfeeding:

So there is a lack of facilities for nursing mothers at work. The attitude of colleagues and employers make it even harder for them. There are more barriers like older age, higher education embarrassment etc. to improve it women should attend prenatal classes so that they have to be determined not to give up breastfeeding when they get back to work.

Make your workplace pro breastfeeding :

Work place policies make it harder for women to continue breastfeeding. Key elements of successful breastfeeding policies include providing appropriate breaks and a suitable area for women to pump breast milk as well as a storage facility for the expressed milk as a refrigerator. The cost of such policies is very low so employers should assist in making the environment breastfeeding friendly.

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