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Beat the heat

Beat the heat

In the days of summer, we should eat more cold things, keep water intake more. We need to keep your body detoxified in summer. Because summer brings and sunshine brings heat and a greater chance of dehydration.

Lemon water:Most of us associate lemons with vitamin C.They are low in sugar and Contain everything from vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin E, folate niacin thiamine,riboflavin, minerals like calcium,copper,iron,magnesium and phosphorus. Lemon water also aids digestion, and freshens breath, lemon may even help respiratory problems, weight loss help. in which calories per 100 gm: energy 35 kcal, protein 0.7 gm, calcium 30 gm.

Coconut water: Coconut waters natural electrolytes. And composed of unique chemicals such as sugars,vitamins,minerals,electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids,cytokine,and phyto-hormones. Coconut water is very refreshing drink to beat the tropical summer thirst. Coconut water is offered to patient with diarrhoea in many tropic regions to replace the fluid loss from the gastrointestinal tract and reduce the need for hospitalization. Coconut water is slightly greater than that if WHO recommended ORS solution. Coconut water is very low calories. in which calories :19 kcal, protein: 0.72 gm, sodium: 105 mg, potassium:250.

Butter milk: Butter milk made from curd/yogurt is healthy and delicious that makes it a perfect material in this hot summer season. Butter milk you can have in lunch time. Always have a glass of butter- milk any time of the day to keep you helps to control your digestion system and soothes immediately if you combat any acidity is rich source of protein calcium potassium and vitamin b.

Aam panna: Aam panna drink is a healthy drink in summers. Aam ka panna in which add unripe mangoes and black salt, chia seed, lemon and pumpkin seed can also add. In which seeds high protein and high calcium and good fat in seed. The common emerald provide relief in heat and cool from inside. It prevents cancer, boosts energy levels and reduces depression.

Carrot and cucumber juice: Carrot and cucumbers a powerful nutrients.Carrot is a good sources of vitamin A,vitamin C, and potassium. Cucumber has high amount of water. Carrot juice increased the metabolism, which is one of the most powerful carrot and cucumber juice, we can add mint and put flax seeds which is very beneficial for us.


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