How Laughter Yoga Is Beneficial For Health? | How Laughter Yoga Is Beneficial For Health? |

Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Benefits of Laughter Yoga

by: Dr. Minakshi Saxena
Chief Coordinator - Mother & Child

Laughter yoga or hasya yoga , is a practice involving prolonged laughter based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter . Laughter is already  highlighted as an exercise that can benefit the body in a number of ways, help relieve stress and boost your energy. Laughter in the form of an exercise can compliment your body system exceptionally. Today we have found laughter therapy and laughter yoga emerge as a popular choice amongst the public. In this fast paced world if you have access to such trainers, it is a must do and recommended activity. Few advantages of laughter are given below:

  • Laughter helps your heart – Laughter yoga leads to increases oxygen intake and therefore blood flow .It leads to improved blood vessel function , decreases the blood pressure and hence protects the heart .It complements light cardiovascular exercise especially in the elderly .
  • Laughter compliments your immunity – It strengthens the immune system and increases the number of WBC’s in the body making you stronger against diseases.
  • Laughter can relieve pain- It reduces pain or perhaps it increases the pain threshold. It can also make a number of people forget the physical discomfort that they may be in.

  • Laughter is the best stress buster – People who practice laughter yoga get relieved of stress or at least the stress levels decrease .Their whole body gets relaxed because of endorphin release and one experiences an overall sense of well being.
  • Laughter lifts your mood- It boosts energy and improves mood especially in depressed individuals. Watching a comedy movie can relieve you of boredom, stress and bad mood.
  • Laughter spreads optimism and a feel good factor – It creates a positive state of mind and is way of alleviating difficulties .
  • Laughter needs to great space or equipment – Last but not the least , laughter yoga doesn’t require any special equipments and can be practised by anyone and even at home .

Keep laughing for good health!

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