Benefits of contraception -

Benefits of contraception

Benefits of contraception

by: Dr. Monica Agarwal
Sr. Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Contraception or family planning is defined as ‘plan for having babies’. Couples can choose when to have babies, how far apart, how many to have and when to stop. It is apparent that it is very important in today’s context for the wellbeing of women, family, society and the planet as a whole. The benefits are as follows-

Population control- Contraception has given women the basic control and freedom that they deserve. It has given the planet the much-needed respite from the ever-increasing population explosion of the human race. Still, it is unmet in various parts of the developing countries. The exploitation of the natural resources of water, air, soil and the garbage that has polluted our Mother Earth is leading towards the destruction of the world. This can be controlled to some extent by controlling the population which can be done by widespread use of contraceptive means.

Women and child empowerment- To be in control of one’s reproduction is a basic human right. Education and career goals can be met, each child gets the attention that it deserves and in the process, women are empowered. Without contraception, there are more children in a family with same resources and hence it is divided, women cannot study higher education. An educated woman means an educated family.

Teenage pregnancies- Teenage pregnancy is a risk for both mother and baby. Young girls can postpone fertility till they are physical, mentally, emotionally and financially ready.

Reduced unsafe abortions- Precious young lives are lost in the process of unsafe abortions. Sometimes genital organs are damaged during the process. Preventing pregnancy can save these young girls from the hassle of abortion whether safe or unsafe.

High-risk pregnancy- Pregnancy can be prevented in women who are at high risk of developing pregnancy-related complications and hence saves many lives.

Healthy mother and baby- When the pregnancy is planned, so care is the adequate and optimal health of the mother and baby is maintained. An outcome is more favorable for a planned pregnancy.

Reduced maternal and perinatal mortality- With limited family size, higher order pregnancy in late age are rarely seen which was a major cause of death during childbirth.

Improved sexual expression- Sexual expression and freedom is a basic human need just like food and water but with a lot of taboo around it. Internally every individual of both genders wants to enjoy spontaneous sex without any inhibition. Contraception provides you that freedom without the fear of unwanted pregnancy and the hassles around the same.

Medical benefits- Contraceptives have other medical benefits as well.

Condom( barrier method) – They protect against various sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea, candida, HIV, HCV, HBsAg etc.

OCP( oral contraceptive pills) – Give lots of benefits in diseases like

  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic ovarian disease
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Premenstrual cramps
  • Reduce blood flow
  • Regularises cycles
  • Anaemia is corrected
  • Protect against ovarian and endometrial cancers
  • It improves acne
  • Periods become easy and bearable

Pills should be always taken after consulting a qualified medical practitioner. Self-medication does more harm than good.

Now we have come a long way from the era when childbirth was considered as a second birth for mothers as there were high chances of death of the mother or the baby. Every second house had a story of a young mother suffering during childbirth. This is possible only because of better contraceptives and obstetric care. So you can also plan your life and be in control by using the various contraceptives that medical science has to offer.

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