How Yoga is Beneficial During Pregnancy? | How Yoga is Beneficial During Pregnancy? |

The benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy

The benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy

by: Dr. Shweta Mendiratta
Associate Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology

As we gear ourselves for the International Yoga Day on June 21st, here are a few inputs about Yoga in pregnancy. A new life growing inside you produces hormonal changes and changes in your mind and body. Yoga is the best option for you at that stage.

  • Why Yoga?

Woman battle fatigue, sickness, emotional blues, mood swings, leg cramps, back ache and postural problems in pregnancy. Some even have palpitation, constipation and breathing problems.

Yoga helps with its techniques and asanas to ease this during the pregnancy and also ensure an easier labor and delivery. It is important to realize that these are different yoga asanas for the three trimesters and must always be done with expert supervision. Also team it with cardiovascular exercises like walking or swimming.

  • How to Begin Your Yoga Exercise?
    • Yogic exercises begin with breathing deeply and relaxing (UJJAYI).
    • With any form of exercise, happy hormones also called endorphins are relaxed which keep the pregnant woman relaxed, happy and full of vitality
    • Stretches while doing asanas keep the muscles and joints supple and elastin. Flexibility increases which even aids during labour.
    • Pelvic muscles are even strengthened.
    • Stretches encourages circulation and help in fluid retention correction.
    • In a pre-natal yoga class you also meet other pregnant women and its such a support system- a great community.
  • Which are the Top Recommended Asanas?
    • VAKRASANA: For spine, legs, hands, neck with gentle massage to abdominal organs.
    • UTKASANA: For thigh and pelvis muscles.
    • MARJARIASANA: (Cat stretch pose) For neck and shoulder.
    • KONASANA: (Angle pose) For flexibility of waist and control of waist fat.
    • PARYANKASANA: For abdominal, pelvic and thigh muscles.
    • BHADRASANA: (Butterfly pose) For inner thigh and pelvis region.
    • PARVATASANA: (Mountain pose) For improving body posture and back ache relief.
    • YASTIKASANA: (Stick pose) For posture, stretches and relieving body tension.
  • A word of Caution:
    • Please workout only after medical consent.
    • Please do your asana under expert guidance of a qualified practitioner.
    • Pre-natal yoga classes now available. It is always better to avail them.
    • Some exercises should not be done throughout pregnancy eg. Konasana should not be done beyond 7 months.
    • Your body is the best judge. Listen to it.
    • If you are uncomfortable at any point or with any asana, stop immediately. If pain or nausea starts then stop.
    • No exercises which require lying on your abdomen must be done.
    • Always work with utmost care in exercises which can tip your body balance.
    • Wear loose comfortable clothes.
    • Use a good yoga mat.
    • Eat properly. A good well balanced healthy diet comprising 6 small meals always helps. Take the help of the dietician if required.
    • Though Google and Youtube are the good mode of education, please ask your health care provider/ yoga instructor for help.
    • Just glow and keep happy.


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