Best diet recomendatiosn for new mother | Blog By Dr. Aashima Chopra, Paras Bliss, Panchkula and Mohali Best diet recomendatiosn for new mother | Blog By Dr. Aashima Chopra, Paras Bliss, Panchkula and Mohali

Best diets for new Mom’s

Best diets for new Mom’s

Delivering a baby normally or by c-section is extremely taxing on your body. You require extra calories and nutrients for proper healing and recovery, as well as for breast milk production. Post partum nutrition is the key to mother and baby yet many mothers just focus on the baby. They neglect their own health and nutrition during the most critical time.

Preparing your baby’s arrival is overwhelming. Special blankets, too cute clothes, special baby showers and big welcomes. But we are never prepared for The Opinionated- the nonstop feed of everyone else telling a new mother what’s best, what’s right and what’s she absolutely doing wrong. This holds especially true for the new moms.

Diet Recommendations for the New Mothers:

There are bits of wisdom in practices of the generation now. Before we start to cluck, the emphasis is on healthy diets that there is no formula for what’s best.

  • Weight loss should not be the focus of the new moms: I know this is hard when your body doesn’t feel like it yours. But stay focused on calories intake and three times meal.

Just because you don’t have a normal schedule doesn’t mean that u will skip your breakfast. Make sure you eat up well after getting up. It should not be fancy or substantial, but it should include some protein, whole grains, some fruit or veggies and something to hydrate you.

  • Up the fluids: During labour, a woman loses a great amount of blood and fluids. Make drinking (preferably water) a priority of 10 glasses. Keep a glass of water near you while feeding.
  • Tea and coffee consumption to a minimum: It is a stimulant and can make your baby irritable and jumpy.
  • Pay special attention to these 3 nutrients: Protein, iron and calciumthese three nutrients are extremely important for you and your baby’s health. Found in milk and milk products as well as green leafy vegetables and soya milk, lentils, cereals. The best way to absorb iron is to eat iron-rich foods with vitamin C to increase the iron absorption.
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