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Birth Control Pills – Planned Parenthood

Birth Control Pills – Planned Parenthood

by: Dr. Shilva
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Birth control pills are the best way to plan your parenthood. Several methods are available in order to prevent pregnancy which includes birth control pill which is hormonal contraception, condoms etc.  There are 99.9% of chances of birth control effectiveness when a woman takes birth control pills orally. The birth control pill does not give protection against sexually transmitted diseases which includes HIV etc. The male condoms which are made up of latex give the best protection against STDs. If you are planning to use the same or are using the pills, it is important for you to know certain details:

Follow the instructions: If you follow the instructions and use the birth control pill the right way, it gives you great protection against pregnancy. You should consider several birth control options. It includes your overall health and age. Also, you should consider the benefits and risks of birth control pills.

Use condoms for extra protection: You should take the pill every day and always start the new pack on time. You can make use of condoms to get maximum protection from pregnancy. With the use of condoms, it can also help you to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Family planning is important for the woman: Family planning is important for parenthood in order to maintain proper gap between the children. With the right use of birth control pills, women are able to plan her pregnancy. However, when a mother conceives years after years, she fails to provide insufficient nutrients to the growing child inside. The iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy leads to IUGR and can have anomalies, so risk of producing an unhealthy and disabled child.

It helps plan your life: Family planning, therefore, helps them to stay healthy and concentrate on their desires and future planning. It is the duty of parents to provide food, clothing, shelter, and education to their children. Family planning id adopted has an effective effect in stabilizing the financial condition of the family.

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