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Breastfeeding & Work – Let’s Make It Work

Breastfeeding & Work – Let’s Make It Work

by: Dr. Shilva
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Working and breastfeeding is not an easy task. Sometimes you will have embarrassing moments and you may receive comments from the people who do not understand what you are going through. But once you make a commitment to breastfeed your baby, things become easy. Following are the tips that will help you to continue breast feed while working.

  • If you believe that breast feeding is important for your baby then continued feeding with working will not seem as difficult.
  • If you live close to your working place, you can take nursing breaks to feed your baby normally. If that’s not possible you can opt for breast milk expression.
  • Use the breast pump to express milk during the day. Your child’s care taker can give your baby the expressed breast milk. The V.S. protection and affordable care act (2010) says that the mother with babies younger than 12 months should be given a reasonable time for breast milk expression.

Pumping at work increases your breast milk production. Ask your caregiver not to feed the baby during last hours of the work day and continue breast feeding at home so that you have warm union every day.

How often you express milk and for how long varies according to needs of baby. Other options for breast feeding in working women:

  • Bring your baby to work if your company allows.
  • Bring work to your baby (work from home).
  • Part time work.
  • Visit from your baby – your mother or child care provider can bring baby to your workplace.
  • Choose a breast feeding friendly caregiver.

Optimum schedule for working mother for breast feeding:

  • Set your alarm 30 minutes early.
  • Pack everything in the night.
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast.
  • Breast feed your child before leaving for work.
  • Express breast milk by breast pump 2 to 4 hourly.
  • Nurse as soon as possible when you are at home.
  • Feed your baby frequently at night.
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