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Can you get Pregnant if you have Cancer?

Can you get Pregnant if you have Cancer?

by: Dr. Shilva
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Cancer detection can turn your life overnight. Pregnancy after the treatment of cancer depends on various factors like the type of cancer you had, treatment of cancer and your overall health. The most common cancer can also affect the ability of a woman to conceive.

Can cancer treatment affect your menstrual cycles adversely?

Cancer involves radiation treatment, and radiation treatment can also affect the fertility, more specifically if the treatments are focused on reproductive organs like ovaries. Another factor that contributes to infertility is surgery; it is done to remove the portion of the reproductive organ that affects the ability to conceive naturally. After receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy there are chances that you stop menstruating then in that case you may need a donor egg to conceive.

What to do if you are detected with cancer in pregnancy?

Once a woman is pregnant post chemotherapy and radiation treatment, it is essential for a woman to close watch her health and monitor for the reoccurrence of cancer. The tests may vary depending upon the type of cancer you had in your past history. Some people think that if you become pregnant it can lead to a relapse of cancer, but recent studies have not confirmed this. In many of the cases, the cancer survivors have successfully conceived and had full-term healthy pregnancy and have delivered healthy babies.

Important point for women planning pregnancies and suffering from cancer:

If a woman is having cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatment, then it is strongly advised to woman not to get pregnant while the treatment is going. The drugs and treatment used during the chemotherapy and radiation therapy are potentially harmful to the baby.

During chemotherapy and radiation therapy it is not always possible to protect reproductive organs, so one way to protect the reproductive organs is to place the protective shields like a lead vest to cover the organs during the radiation therapy. Before undergoing therapy plan for cancer you should discuss these things with your doctor well in advance.

In case you had hormone-related cancer such as some particular type of breast cancer then it is advised that you should wait for around 3 to 5 years after your cancer is in diminution before conceiving.

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