Can I make my Child Wear a Diaper all the Night? -

Can I make my Child Wear a Diaper all the Night?

Can I make my Child Wear a Diaper all the Night?

by: Dr. (Maj) Manish Mannan
HOD Paediatrics & Neonatology

A baby’s skin is very sensitive and needs to be looked after very gently. Using diaper all the time for a baby may result in rashes and skin irritation. So it is advised to try and restrict the use of diapers. To keep your baby dry all night you may opt for overnight diapers that are specially designed to keep the babies dry for a full night. If your baby has something to drink right before bed, change your routine, and make sure that the last drink of the night happens an hour (or more) before bedtime. Change the diaper before your baby’s bed time and as well as your bedtime.

Now days, many skin-friendly diapers that are soft on the skin are available in the markets. Options are present of some which have air gaps to keep the baby’s bums dry and fresh.

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Use may consider using different types of diaper for different use, such as:

  • Gel based diapers can also be preferred as they are more efficient than normal diapers in absorption and keeps all soil and liquid away from the baby’s skin.
  • There are diapers that are coated with skin creams and oils also available. These keep baby’s skin soft, but some baby’s might develop an allergy towards these waxy coatings.
  • Use cotton washable diapers at home and disposable diapers for outdoors.
  • If baby is getting rashes very frequently opt for fleece-lined diapers. These are airy and comfortable.

Make sure that you keep changing diapers every two hours or as soon as they are soiled to avoid bacteria build up in them which may cause trouble to the baby. Whenever you change a diaper, it is important to gently clear baby’s skin with very soft tissues or cotton cloth or baby wipes, apply baby powder and/or baby lotion. If possible give a break for some time before using another diaper. Let baby enjoy this free and open airy feeling.

Diapers should be used according to baby’s age, so use proper diapers to avoid discomfort to the baby. When baby grows big enough to respond, ask if they feel like urinating. Make this a habit for them to tell you each time they have to pee and slowly you can discontinue the diaper habit.

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