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Can Pneumonia affect my Unborn Child?

Can Pneumonia affect my Unborn Child?

by: Dr. (Maj) Manish Mannan
HOD Paediatrics & Neonatology

Pneumonia can be defined as an ailment that affects the lungs and the breathing. It affects all age groups and is recognized as one of the most aggressive and main reasons for infant mortality. Studies highlight that in India, Pneumonia kills two children every 5 minutes. The significant reasons for pneumonia are germs like microscopic organisms, infection, and parasites. The alveoli (air sacs) of an infected individual’s lungs are expanded with liquids or discharge.  The transmission of pneumonia could be through coughing, sneezing or through blood transfusion. The same can also be transmitted to the baby by birth.

Pneumonia and Pregnancy Complications:  

If the pregnant women are suffering from pre-existing conditions such as anemia or asthma, there is s a high risk that the babies of these women may have low birth weight and may be born premature.

Serious complications can occur to the mother also in the form of respiratory failure. However, since the approach of anti-microbial, the maternal death rate has diminished much. Pregnancy appears to increase the risk of major complications associated with pregnancy. Pneumonia in pregnant females is related to noteworthy fetal morbidity. The babies born can have preterm labor, growth retardation, and untimely birth. In extreme cases, intrauterine and neonatal death likewise has been noted. Most instances of pneumonia during pregnancy are caused by organisms that don’t influence the fetus, with the exception of through their consequences for the maternal status. All females with pneumonia in pregnancy ought to mandatorily test for HIV. It is on account of the fetus might be in danger because of maternal conditions which cause pneumonia-like an HIV contamination.

What happens if you get infected with Pneumonia?

To prevent getting the disease amid your pregnancy, you should ensure you’re altogether gotten up to speed with your influenza vaccination before you conceive.

  • In the event that you catch any kind of respiratory sickness during your pregnancy, even a basic cough, monitor it closely. On the off chance that it waits in your lungs too long, it could cause pneumonia. Once your specialist analyzes pneumonia, treatment will be aggressive.
  • You will most likely need to remain in the intensive care unit a couple of days and take antibiotics until the point when the infection is healed.
  • Your specialist may even treat your relatives to ensure the disease is completely cured. Pneumonia is inconvenient if not life-threatening any time, so make sure you are especially diligent in preventing it when you become pregnant.
  • Your lungs will be marginally obstructed by your baby bump, so healing and breathing will both be more troublesome.


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