Relatives Need To Check Hygienic Steps To Spend Time With Newborn Baby

Can Relatives Spend Time with the Newborn Baby?

Can Relatives Spend Time with the Newborn Baby?

by: Dr. Amitava Sen Gupta
Director - Mother & Child, Neonatology and Paediatrics

Parenthood is a special moment for the parents, but so is it for the relatives. Be prepared because the baby is here and people love babies. The dilemma that comes with having this little bundle of joy in your home now is that billions of people will want to come visit it. Some will be helpful, some will not. There may be a few people that offer to stay with you when the baby comes. Decide carefully about who you want to be around 24/7 and choose your visitors wisely.

People love to see the baby immediately. But the best way is to spread them out as much as you can so you can get settled and enjoy everyone’s company. Some people are too active to help when you have a baby and the best you should do in these times is just let them. But avoid too many guests. Check that the visiting guests do not have any symptoms like flu. Be firm enough to not allow them to touch the baby or be in extreme proximity.


Keep a check on hand hygiene:

While people would love to handle the baby, make sure that their hands are properly washed and sanitized. Always keep hand sanitizers nearby. The baby should be held firmly in the correct posture. Handling of the baby by the guests should be reduced to minimum. Do not let anybody cuddle with the baby. Kissing the newborn can spread droplet infection.

Be vocal about your baby’s needs:

You need to be vocal, and mutually decide amongst yourselves, whether you are prepared to have the guests over. Decide for your ideal time and communicate the same. It is understood that you do not want to hurt the sentiments of them who are extremely joyous about the new member in your family, but what should be on your mind as priority is the health of the baby. Make sure that the stay of the visitors should not be more than 30 minutes to 1 hour. Initially invite only your close family and friends, and then open up to others peers. Do not invite people at the hospital; meet them only after both the mother and baby are healthily settled at home.

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