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What Causes Delayed Puberty

What Causes Delayed Puberty

by: Dr. Jasmeet K Monga
Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Puberty can be delayed for a few reasons. Regularly, it’s essentially an example of development and improvement in a family. This is called constitutional delay (or being a late bloomer), and it usually doesn’t require any sort of treatment. These adolescents will, in the long run, grow normally. Medical issues additionally can cause delay in puberty. A few people with chronic illnesses like diabetes, cystic fibrosis, kidney ailment, or even asthma may experience puberty at a more established age on the grounds that their sicknesses can make it harder for their bodies to develop and grow. Proper treatment and better control of a considerable lot of these conditions can help make delayed puberty less likely to occur.

Nutrition and its role in Puberty:

A boy who’s malnourished — without enough food to eat or without the best possible supplements — may likewise grow later than peers who eat a solid and balanced diet. For instance, teenagers with the dietary issue anorexia nervosa frequently lose so much weight that their bodies can’t grow appropriately. Young girls who are extreme active in sports might be late developers in light of the fact that their level of activity keeps them so lean. Young girl’s body requires a specific measure of fat before they can experience adolescence or get their periods. Delayed puberty can likewise happen because of issues in the pituitary or thyroid glands. These organs deliver hormones vital for body development and growth.

Genetic Disorders and Puberty:

A few people who don’t experience puberty at the normal time have issues with their chromosomes, which are comprised of DNA that contain our body’s development plans. Issues with the chromosomes can interfere with normal growth process. Turner syndrome is a chromosomal disorder. It happens when one of a female’s two X chromosomes is irregular or missing. This causes issues with how a young girl develops and with the development of her ovaries and production of sex hormones. Girls who have untreated Turner syndrome are shorter than normal, are generally infertile, and may have other medical issues. Children with Klinefelter disorder are born with an additional X chromosome (XXY rather than XY). This condition can slow down the sexual improvement.

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