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Common Infant and Newborn Problems

Common Infant and Newborn Problems

by: Dr. Sorabh Goel
Consultant - Neonatology-Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Newborn babies encounter health problems like a cough, vomiting, bluish skin, birth injuries etc. babies do develop skin problems which include cradle cap or diaper rash. Babies develop their immune system eventually.

Mostly these problems are not very serious you just need to take care of your baby and consult your doctor regularly. It is very important as a parent to know the warning signs and symptoms form more serious problem also it is crucial to know how your baby is feeling. Following are the common infant and newborn problem:

  • Abdominal Distension:

Newborns have bloated bellies. If the belly of your baby feels swollen and hard in between feeds you should do some sleuthing. Mostly it can be constipation or gas, however, it can be a serious indicator of some underlying conditions.

  • Birth Injuries:

Even labor can also cause some birth injuries to your newborn. Mostly the newborns recover quite quickly from the birth injuries.

  • Bluish Skin:

Bluish skin is the most common skin problem that occurs among newborns. Blue hands and feet are quite normal for babies and parents should not get worried about it. Sometimes, blueness occurs around mouth and tongue of the baby while crying. This blueness goes away with time.

  • Coughing:

Normally baby’s a cough while they are feeding as sometimes milk comes too fast. But if a cough is not going then you should consult a doctor as it can lead to a problem with the digestive system or lungs.

  • Jaundice:

The most common problem among newborns is jaundice. Mostly the infants have high bilirubin levels are the time of birth because their liver is immature. Mostly jaundice among newborns goes away with time, but if not treated it can cause a serious problem.

  • Respiratory Distress:

Usually, it takes few hours for a newborn to breathe normally. Once the body of the newborn is accustomed to breathing then they have no difficulty in breathing. In many cases difficulty in breathing occur because of blockage in the nasal passage.

  • Vomiting:

Common health problem found among the newborns is vomiting. Infants normally spit up milk after the feed. Make sure your baby is not allergic to breast milk or lactose intolerant. You should burp your baby after you feed the baby.

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