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Common Skin Conditions during Pregnancy

Common Skin Conditions during Pregnancy

by: Dr. Monica Agarwal
Sr. Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

The pregnant body goes through a number of changes during pregnancy. The changing hormones and the body changes also start to affect the skin. However an expecting mother can retain her supple clear skin by following good ante natal guidance. When you start experiencing any changes in the skin, don’t get alarmed and hassled. Talk to the doctor to discuss the same.

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Conditions in Pregnancy that can cause Skin Problems:

  • Dark patches on your skin usually in the face and abdomen due to pregnancy hormone particularly melanin.
  • A dark vertical line down your belly called Linea Nigra develops in your fourth month which usually fades after birth.
  • Darkening of nipples, areola and genitals.
  • Skin tags on neck, groin and armpits
  • ‘Stretch marks’ a  distressing condition to the new mother due to the rapid growth of baby after sixth month. Controlled slow weight gain can limit the stretch marks. 1 kg in first 3 months, 5 kgs in next 3 months and 5 kgs in last 3 months is ideal.
  • Itching may develop all over the body. Red bumps may appear on legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen.
  • Acne and allergic conditions may worsen, stay same or even improve.

The Remedy to Retain a Clear Skin:

You can resort to good moisturization of your body as soon as pregnancy is diagnosed. It includes using coconut or olive oil or any other good moisturizer (SPF 15 or more in sun) liberally on towel dried skin after a  bath. It will increase the suppleness of the body and prevent stretch marks.

Always consult your doctor if any new skin condition e.g. eruptions, blisters, redness, itching develops, as it can be harmful for you and your baby. Itching over body though very innocuous can be dangerous.

Is Pregnancy Glow a Reality?

For many the same is a reality and for some it is medical fact. As a lot of water is retained in body in pregnancy, the skin is well hydrated and all flaws disappear. The hormones cause your blood volume to increase and give a pink radiance to your face. You can also feel warm and flushed which is normal and due to pregnancy. You have to keep yourself well hydrated and exercise which will actually help to ease out abnormal water retention.

However for every mother no amount of marks or bodily changes equals to the bliss that your bundle of joy will give to you.

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