Complications related to pregnancy and childbirth -

Complications related to pregnancy and childbirth

Complications related to pregnancy and childbirth

by: Dr. Nupur Gupta
Consultant and Unit Head Gynecology

Giving birth to a child could be one of the most wondrous and magical adventure a woman could experience. Although most pregnancies and childbirth have a normal course but there are some complications that can appear in few cases. However these complications if complications if diagnosed and treated early have a positive outcome.

  • Vaginal Bleeding: Moderate to severe bleeding usually with abdominal pain during early weeks of pregnancy can happen in an abortion. Bleeding with sometimes severe abdominal pain and fainting sensation is because of ectopic pregnancy (a condition when the fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the uterus). Conditions like placenta previa (low line placenta) and placental abruption leads to vaginal bleeding in later months of pregnancy.

Complications related to pregnancy


  • Prolonged labour: Failure of labour to progress at any stage can lead to prolongation of labour. When labour lasts for more than 20 hours in primigravida and more than 14 hours in multigravida, it is said to be prolonged.
  • Fetal distress: Decreased fetal movement, any deviations from normal, in fetus heart rate or presence of amniotic fluid are indicators of fetal distress. Baby in distress should be delivered at the earliest to avoid complications.
  • Premature Labour: Fetus attains complete maturity at 37 weeks of gestation. Some factors can lead to early onset of labor which results in preterm birth. Such preterm babies are susceptible to various complications.
  • Complications related to fetus: Intrauterine growth restrictions, low birth weight, congenital birth defects, oligohydroamnios and polyhydroamnios.
  • Medical conditions: Some medical conditions existing before conceiving or acquired during pregnancy can lead to complications. Commonly occurring are anemia, thyroids disorder, hyper tension and diabetes.
  • Severe nausea and Vomiting: Nausea and morning sickness are the commonest symptoms in early pregnancy. But excessive nausea and vomiting hyperemesis gravidarum can affect both mother and fetus.
  • Infections: Vaginal infections and urinary tract infections are common during pregnancy. They should be treated early as they can affect the fetus. Some infections like swine flu, dengue, ctyomegalovirus can adversely affect fetus.
  • Birth Injury: It is damage sustained during labour while transit through birth canal. Head trauma and brain damage can lead to short term or term severe complications.
  • Post Partum haemorrhage: Excessive bleeding after birth, baby can lead to maternal shock. It is also a common cause of maternal mortality. Usually happens when uterus fails to contract.
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