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What is Dermabrasion? What are the Reasons for Getting Dermabrasion?

What is Dermabrasion? What are the Reasons for Getting Dermabrasion?

Dermabrasion is a skin-resurfacing procedure that uses a rapidly rotating device to remove the outer skin layers. Dermabrasion is a type of surgical procedure in which local anaesthesia is required and occasionally it is supplemented by intravenous sedation. This treatment is specifically for the people who wish to improve their skin appearance. Dermabrasion is used to treat following type of skin conditions:

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Scars caused by surgery, acne and injuries
  • Tattoos
  • Skin damaged due to sun which includes age spots
  • Redness and swelling and of the nose
  • Fine wrinkles especially around the mouth
  • Precancerous skin patches

The Dermabrasion Procedure:

  • During the procedure of dermabrasion, the doctor will numb your skin with anaesthesia before removing the outermost layers of your skin.
  • During the treatment, nurse will hold your skin tight. Then your dermatologist will move dermabrader, a device used in dermabrasion across your skin where treatment is required. This procedure removes damaged outer layers of skin.
  • The dermabrader is a small, motor driven device with a rough surface. For the larger patches of skin, the dermatologist uses a circular type of dermabrader, while on smaller places like the corners of your mouth; the dermatologist uses a small tip device.
  • The doctor usually treats large sections of skin over multiple sessions. Soon after the procedure, your doctor will cover the treated area with treated skin will be covered with a moist and non-stick dressing.
  • Change of the dressing will take place only in the next follow-up, where your doctor will give you appointment for the following day so that your doctor can examine your skin as well.
  • This is a day-care procedure which means the patient can go home post treatment. After dermabrasion the new layers of skin that grows back is usually smoother and younger looking.

Laser Technology is also a Good Option:

Now days there are many advances in laser technology that makes laser tattoo removal quicker and easier. You should always consult dermatologist about all of the treatment options for your condition type. Some type of skin conditions do not permit such procedures and may stop your doctor from performing dermabrasion. Such medical condition includes inflammatory acne, recurrent herpes flare-ups, radiation burns, or burn scars.

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