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Dos and Don’ts to protect your Skin During Pregnancy

Dos and Don’ts to protect your Skin During Pregnancy

by: Dr. Surinder Kaur Gambhir
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Pregnancy is a time when the entire body is going through changes. This change not only affects the body, mind but also impacts the skin of the pregnant lady. Some aspects are to be kept in mind to ensure that you have a supple, fresh skin texture. If you start to have skin eruptions like acne or notice pigmentation and skin darkening, it is recommended that you consult a dermatologist or a pregnancy expert. Following are the Do’s and Don’t’s that need to be followed:

pregnancy Skin Care

Do’s to be followed to have fresh, clear skin:

  • Clean your face every night and every morning
  • Keep your skin moisturized during the day. Coconut oil is best after shower
  • Drink lots of water. Hydration is key for ensuring supple skin.
  • Try a humidifier in the room during the night
  • Get enough Vitamin C. Eat citrus foods or take vitamins as recommended by your doctor. Note that you should not self medicate.
  • Apply lotions containing Vitamin E & Alpha hydroxyl acids that can help in the prevention of stretch marks
  • Take oat meal bath as and when you can. It is the best natural way to nourish your skin and hydrate it.
  • For skin darkening of face (Melasma and Chloasma). Apply good sun screen lotion SPF – 15
  • Eat nutrient rich diet. Consult a diet specialist and develop a detailed diet plan.
  • Sit with your legs higher if you have varicose veins and oedema feet.
  • For itchy skin: use mild soap and moisturise liberally with a lotion of your choice.
  • For moderate itching calamine lotion can be applied
  • Severe itching in the second or 3rd trimester, can be sign of Intra Hepatic Cholestasis of pregnancy (liver problem). Consult your doctor immediately

Don’ts – These are the aspects that need to be avoided in pregnancy:

  • Avoid standing for a long time
  • Avoid going outside in the sun. If necessary wear a ball cap to protect your face
  • Stay away from the medicated astringents. They may contain acne medicine that is not recommended for pregnant women
  • Avoid using chemical skin lightening, they contain hydroquinone which is toxic and carcinogenic
  • Avoid chemical fragrances. They have sticky substance called Phthalate in it, which cause birth defect
  • Avoid using hair dyes during pregnancy.
  • Avoid using chemical sunscreen lotions. Use natural sun protection lotion like sun love
  • Avoid hot showers. It makes your skin dry and then itchy
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