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Do’s and Don’ts of General Hygiene

Do’s and Don’ts of General Hygiene

by: Dr. Monika Chaudhary
Attending Consultant, Gynecology

General food hygiene is a must for us. Simple aspects of storing cooked and raw food together can cause diseases. It is important for us to understand the importance of hygiene and inculcate some basic steps in our every day routine. Refer to the list below :

For Food Storage

  • Make sure raw food juices from dripping onto other eatables.
  • Keep and cook raw meat, and sea food away from other food items

When you are cooking food

Things to mind are to cut meat and vegetables with different knives and cutting boards.

Gently soak, scrape, brush, scald, peel or wash all fruits, salads and vegetables.
Do not wash raw meat in the sink since it may cause germs around your sink area. Cooked proper meat as it prevents us intake of any harmful bacteria.

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Foul breathing

Drink adequate and plenty of water.
Gently  brush your teeth daily .
Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables.
Say no to coffee.
Sugarfee gums can be chew.

Add yogurt in your meal

Get your vitamins. This may also help save with two other causes of foul or bad breath—gum disease and gingivitis.
Say no to tobacco products.

Cleaning and tidy at your work place

Wear Tidy and washed clean clothes.

If feasible, wear a fresh set of clothes daily.
Dirty clothes lead to contamination and may cause very serious skin disorders if worn multiple times with washing.
You should wear a clean pair of socks daily as this keep your feet dry and are not smelly.

Regular wash your clothes as pro-longed unwashed clothes may cause them smellier.

Removing hairs

Shave your under arms and legs if you want, but make sure, take proper care while doing so.

Always use new blade if you are for shaving and use after shaving cream or any local cream brand to apply locally.

Take your time when shaving to avoid cuts and bleeding.

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