Adverse Effects of Drug on Women | Blog By Dr. Monica Agarwal, Parasbliss Panchkula Adverse Effects of Drug on Women | Blog By Dr. Monica Agarwal, Parasbliss Panchkula

Drug Abuse in Women

Drug Abuse in Women

by: Dr. Monica Agarwal
Sr. Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Adolescent years are very important in the development of any individual in the physical, mental and spiritual sense. It is the most vulnerable and impressionable age also. Girls are undergoing transitions of many kinds- physical and mental changes. Each change has family, social and peer pressure. Moreover today the children have lots of curricular and extracurricular activities and in numerous cases it is due to these activities that the drug abuse sets in.Reasons of drug abuse are usually different in men and women. Females become dependant faster and are at greater risk of abuse. They have difficulty in de-addiction also.

Causes of Drug Addiction in Adolescent Girls and Boys:

  • Depression is the first and foremost cause of addiction. They have feeling of hopelessness and feel suicidal. In this state of mind they can turn to drugs for solace.
  • Abuse of any kind either physical or sexual can pave way to addiction.
  • Low self esteem related to body image and social image issues crop up. Weight loss and beauty are top priorities to fit in. Smoking, drinking and drug use is also believed to be trendy and cool.
  • Peer pressure makes many teenagers try these things to fit in and ultimately become hooked to them.
  • Lack of bonding with parents and lack of communication thereof is a major cause of falling prey to the vices of the society. Children of parents who are communicative are very less likely to start drugs as they are constantly warned of the dangers of such things.

Gender Issues as a Reason  for Drug Abuse:  

  • Women have special issues like menstrual cycles, hormonal influence, pregnancy, more pain and hence are more prone to substance abuse.
  • Women have more cravings once hooked and more likely to relapse after treatment .
  • Hormones make them more sensitive to the harmful effects than men.
  • They have more damaged vital organs like brain, kidney, heart and blood vessels.
  • Women are more likely to land up in emergency situations or die from drug overdosage.
  • Domestic violence intensifies the situation of either initiating or continuing the addiction.
  • Substance abuse while pregnancy and breast feeding can be risky for the baby as well.
  • Treatment is also difficult in women as they are easily addicted and have stronger withdrawal symptoms.

 To conclude we can say that women are more sensitive and need better care in all phases of life. They have to handle difficult issues and are discriminated in every part of the globe in one and many ways. They are expected to behave in a controlled manner no matter what the situation, but they are also human with the same expectations. So if she falls in such situation, a strong family and social support can help her cope with burden of home, child care and family responsibilities and also break the vice forever.

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