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What is Epidural in Painless Delivery & It’s usage During Pregnancy

What is Epidural in Painless Delivery & It’s usage During Pregnancy

by: Dr. Nupur Gupta
Consultant and Unit Head Gynecology

Motherhood is the most beautiful experience for a woman. At one time it is the delight of bringing a baby, while on the other there is the fear of labor pain. However today, thanks to the medical advancements, today, the ladies can deliver without pain. This has been made conceivable by epidural anesthesia which suits those patients who can’t endure labor pain. This procedure is totally fine for both – the baby and the mother. The thought and perception of pain during labor and delivery vary between people.

Painless delivery (Epidural anesthesia) is the technique of painless delivery called as Epidural Analgesia or Epidural Anesthesia is a popular technique used by women, if advised by the doctor, during labor. It gives relief from unbearable labor pain during deliveries.

An epidural delivers consistent pain relief to the lower portion of your body while enabling you to remain completely cognizant. It diminishes sensation, however, doesn’t bring about a total absence of feeling. Medication is delivered through a catheter – a thin, adaptable, empty tube – that is embedded into the epidural space simply outside the film that encompasses your spinal cord and spinal liquid. An epidural is the most commonly used strategy for pain relief for workers. Anesthesiologist or attendant anesthetist infuses the zone with desensitizing medication, and carefully directs a needle into your lower back. At that point, they go a catheter through the needle, pulls back the needle, and tapes the catheter set up so pharmaceutical can be managed through it as required.


An epidural gives a course for very effective pain relief that can be used throughout your labor. Since the impact of the prescription is restricted, you’ll be conscious and alarm during work and birth. What’s more, since you’re without pain, you can rest on the off chance that you need (or even rest!) as your cervix dilates. Thus, you may have more vitality when it comes time to push. Once the epidural’s set up, it can be utilized to give anesthesia on the off chance that you require a c-section or in case you’re having your tubes tied after delivery.


Depending upon the sort and measure of medicine you’re getting, you may lose some sensation in your legs and not be able to stand. Here and there, especially in early labor, so minimal sedative is expected to make you agree that you have typical quality and sensation in your legs and can move around without trouble.

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