Four Fears Expectant Fathers Face | Four Fears Expectant Fathers Face |

Fears Expectant Fathers face

Fears Expectant Fathers face

by: Dr. Amitava Sen Gupta
Director - Mother & Child, Neonatology and Paediatrics

Every expectant father feels that he would find it really hard to cope with the diverse responsibilities of becoming a parent. Overcoming fears are part of becoming a father but a lot of expectant fathers find it really hard to cope with the idea of becoming a parent. While the would-be father will be filled with curiosity and fears but they are reluctant to share the same with others.

Fears that are faced by expecting fathers:

Being a father is challenging, however, the feeling that one feels before the birth of your child can be overwhelming. Given below are some of the apprehensions and fears that one can face:

  • Will I be a good father?
    The most common fear among all the fathers is the doubts whether they will become a good father or not. After all, moving from a young married or partnered adult into a role as a father involves personal sacrifice. The answer to the question whether I will be a good father or not lies in yourself only. Just remember all the great kids who have been helped by their fathers in becoming so, follow the example of other dads, give up or spread out a few of your favourite non-family activities and stick to a few key principles of effective fathering, you will do fine.
  • Will I be able to protect my baby or not?
    The father has to be strong in ways he hadn’t counted on before. He has to provide both financial and emotional support: His partner will need his help because she’ll be undergoing dramatic physical and emotional shifts, and he has to be ready for her to lean on him. Nothing can prepare you for the love you’ll feel for your child and the sense that everything in your life has become more meaningful.
  • Will I be able to balance my job and my responsibilities as a father?
    Balancing your job is one of the most significant challenges you will face as a father. Don’t be afraid of it – just work at it. Work with your employer to see if they have paternity leave available, or save up your vacation time during the pregnancy so you can take some time off after the baby is born.
  • Will being a father restrict my life?
    Most of the father expectant fathers face the fear they will be tied down for rest of their lives. To some extent, yes. After all, parenting is a big job and will consume time, money and attention. So you will have to give up heading out to the club with the guys and partying. But that doesn’t mean you are tied down, you can roam around with your baby and partner.

The tip for the expectant fathers is not to fear with the upcoming responsibility. Instead, they should team up with their partners and welcome the new member with full joy and happiness.

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