Food Items to be Avoided In Pregnancy -

Food Items to be Avoided In Pregnancy

Food Items to be Avoided In Pregnancy

by: Dr. Monika Chaudhary
Attending Consultant, Gynecology

A very commonly occurring question in every expectant mother’s mind is what she should eat. Every mother wants to know the dos and don’ts of healthy eating. Being overweight and piling the baby fat is not healthy. Every expecting mother is recommended to consult their gynecologist or a nutrition expert to know what is best for her. The following are the habits that should be avoided in pregnancy:

pregnancy food

  • Avoid raw / under cooked fish / meat / eggs. These should be avoided as they might be contaminated with bacteria . In fact , even desserts and sauces containing raw eggs must be avoided.
  • Parasites in raw meat can lead to food poisoning and miscarriages. 
  • Don’t treat untreated milk. Unpasteurized milk and milk products can also cause food poisoning . Beware of feta cheese too.
  • Unwashed fruits and vegetables are a big no. Another problem is with unwashed fruits and vegetables as these may be contaminated with bacteria E Coli and Salmonella . Homemade salads are any day better than the ones we get outside .Packaged juices are better than the freshly squeezed ones too.
  • Limit caffeine. Coffee should be limited to maximum 2 cups per day as too much caffeine is not good.
  • No to canned food. Canned food should not be consumed as it can easily contaminated  plus the BPA in the can is not good for the baby.
  • No to artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners contain nitrates and shouldn’t be consumed.
  • Limit sugar intake. Too much of ice creams and chocolates can send the blood sugars shooting up.
  • Skip the street food. Street food should be avoided due to hygiene reasons. The food can have worms and other disease causing pathogens that can affect the mother and the baby.
  • Keep a check on your food. Fatty food can lead to excess weight gain which may get tough to lose.

Lastly,” Eat healthy and stay healthy “, this applies to pregnant women just like all others.

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