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Foods To Avoid During Breastfeeding

Foods To Avoid During Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the most intimate bond between mother and child and it’s well known that it is the best nutrition that a mother can give to the child. Some mother’s think that they can eat whatever they like, but it’s true that some strongly flavored foods may change the taste of breast milk but some babies seem to enjoy a variety of breast milk flavors. But baby can also be fussy at the breast or gassy after you eat a particular food.

Some foods to avoid while breastfeeding:-

  1. Caffeine: –

One or two cup of coffee is fine but too much caffeine can make your baby fussy. Caffeine is also found in some sodas, tea and over – the – counter medicines.

  1. Alcohol: –

You can take alcohol occasionally but having more than one drink can increase your alcohol level in the blood.

Moderate or heavy drinking is definitely not recommended while breastfeeding.

  1. Chocolate: –

 You should not eliminate chocolate entirely, but chocolates are a source of caffeine and may have a laxative effect on the baby. So watch the quantity you eat and the pattern of your baby’s stool.

  1. Citrus: –

The baby’s GI track is still immature, and some compounds present in citrus fruits can be irritating. It can cause fussiness and spitting up. But for vitamin C, try having mango or pineapple instead.

  1. Tea: –

It also contains caffeine. While a few good cups can keep you fresh otherwise, it can give you sleepless nights now, so cut down the number of cups you are drinking.

  1. Processed foods: –

Processed food, though convenient to use, are high on preservative and additives and can be harmful to both the lactating mothers and baby.

  1. Spices: –

 It can be a cause of acidity. So if the baby has some symptoms related to acidity then there can be a need to reassess the intake of spicy and reheated food.

  1. Unwashed fruits: –

Fruits today are made to ripe through chemical processes and may really be harmful even to the degree to lead to cancer. It’s highly recommended to wash the fruits thoroughly before eating or even better, grow fruits in a small orchard at home.

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