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Foods to Eat and Avoid While Treating Malaria

Foods to Eat and Avoid While Treating Malaria

 Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite. Malaria patient feels very weak, very sick, with a high fever. We should leave the antibiotic/ drug therapy to a physician but we can learn more about the dietary management in the following text.

Dietary management:

  • High calorie
  • High protein
  • High carbohydrate
  • Moderate fat
  • High fluid
  • Low fibre and soft diet

 Eat healthy and nutritious foods:

The malaria patient has a requirement of high calories. Malaria resulted in elevation of BMR due to that caloric requirements are increased.

Increase Protein Intake:the requirement of protein is increased in malaria, as there is a massive tissue loss. Thus, the protein intake should be increased above the normal of 1g / kg/day to 1.5-2g of protein/kg/day.

Fat in Moderation: use of fats should be in moderation. Fats help in increasing the energy density of the food without increasing the bulk of the diet. Use of dairy fats like butter, cream, fats in milk products, egg yolk etc.

Dietary fibre: these foods high in fibre like green leafy vegetables, cereals or whole pulses or fruits and vegetables must be avoided

Sore member the foods to be include are:

  • Juices – drink plenty of juices like oranges juice pomegranate juice in the initial stages. This should be followed by other fresh fruits strawberry, sweet lime papaya, melon etc.
  • Khichri – during fever concentrate on simple, non spicy food which gives enough carbohydrates and protein like rice porridge complete protein like moog dhal khichri.
  • Fish and poultry –    Eggs, cheese cottage tender steamed or baked chicken, fish.

Foods to be avoided are:

  • High fibre foods like grain cereals and their products ( e.g.whole wheat flour, cracked wheat ,whole pulses)
  • Raw vegetables and fruits
  • Fried fatty foods
  • Chemical irritants like spices, pickles, ketchups etc.
  • Alcohol and aerated drinks
  • Avoid tea and coffee
  • Ready – to – eat and canned foods
  • Sauce and pickles
  • Excessive fat

Foods to be restricted include:

  • Cream, butter milk and milk products dairy fats.

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