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Happiness and Pregnancy

Happiness and Pregnancy

by: Dr. Monica Agarwal
Sr. Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

During pregnancy everyday is new and filled with enigma. Your body is in a creation mode which can make you emotional, happy, sad at times due to the hormonal medley going on inside your body. You and your family should take care of you to make the experience healthy and happy. Following are the must do points for you:

Stop Worrying- Don’t worry about every little thing. If you turn to the internet every time, you may end up worrying more and get wrong information also. To sort out your fears, talk to the experts and collect the correct and scientific facts, don’t fall prey to myths.

Love yourself– Take care of your body, its nourishment. Go for yoga, massage, meditation, mantra chanting, deep breathing, nature walk. ‘Enjoy’ your pregnancy. Nurture your body, mind and soul in your own unique way.

Write up– Maintain a journal. Jot down all your feelings, dreams, frustrations, messages for the baby. It will help vent out your feelings and channelise them in a positive manner. You will never experience anything like this again, so capture the moments to relive them again later on.


Family bonds– You tend to connect more to your spouse with all the planning and anticipation. You should also try to connect to your unborn child. Talk to the baby, sing lullabies, listen to good music, soak in nature and avoid anything that feels offending in either food or any other sense. Give in to your cravings. This will help create a happy baby. Visit your doctor as a couple as many times as possible.

Shun your body image issues– Don’t let your own or anybody else’s views about your body changes let you loose your peace of mind. Don’t fret about each stretch mark or gain of pounds as there are innumerable couples trying to get into the same zone without success.

Positivity– Keep your vision, thoughts and actions positive. Planning, making lists, communicating with your spouse, family,  good friends and counselling can help a lot.

Setting limits– It’s alright to get overwhelmed and discouraged at times. Drop the perfectionist in you for a while. Learn to say “NO” to things beyond your control. Don’t feel ashamed to ask for help.

Intuition– Believe in your instincts to embrace parenthood. Nothing is right or wrong. Bringing a child into the world is no rocket science and there are no set rules. Be realistic with your capacities and means. One size does not fit all.

If you feel anger, frustration, exhaustion, regret, you are in the same zone as many other parents and the very next moment, believe me, you will feel unconditional love, hope, bliss, empathy and all your doubts will melt away once you set your eyes on the little face of your bundle of joy.

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