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Healthy Diet & Nutrition Tips for Women

Healthy Diet & Nutrition Tips for Women

by: Dr. Neha Pathania
Senior Dietitian

A woman’s body goes through numerous changes in her lifetime. The various stages of her life require different nutritional requirements and need special focus at times. Working women, women going through menopause, menarche and pregnancy, all have different nutritional needs. Nutrition, on one hand, seems basic however on the other side looks complex and important, however, it is often ignored by women and hence becomes the cause of various metabolic diseases and ailments. You need to be informed about the do’s and don’ts of healthy nutrition.

  • Sedentary life needs special diet focus: Women need approx about 1857 kcal/day if leading a sedentary lifestyle. But in today’s scenario where more & more processed and adulterated food is consumed, there is lack of physical activity and change in lifestyle, the diet to needs to be changed.
  • Plan your diet as per your exercise routine: One needs to consume calories as per ones physical output and also need to pick up foods which are healthier & natural.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: Water plays a vital role as it helps in blood circulation, acts as a cleanser & also helps in proper nutrients absorption, so no matter how good is your diet but if the water intake is not optimum it help hamper the nutrient absorption by the body so drink plenty of water –add cinnamon/ lemon or mint/ zeera to make it alkaline. Take at least 3-4 litre of water in a day.
  • Limit your carbs: Cut down on all whites like pasta, white bread, white rice, noodles, potato as they are simple carbohydrates and are low in fibre and high Glycemic Index.
  • Add exercise to your daily routine: Doing any physical activity is imperative to increase the bone and muscle strength, besides improving blood circulation, it increases mental agility. So must compliment with any physical workout for minimum 30 minutes 5 times a week.
  • Sleep well: Body needs proper rest to recover and repair. So a sound sleep is very important atleast 7-8 hours. Lack of sleep can lead to increase in stress hormone called cortisol, which is directly related to fat in the abdominal area.
  • Keep a check on your sweet tooth: Cut down on indulgences like chocolates, sweets, colas or candies. They are loaded with empty calories and minimal nutrition. Rather munch on healthy food stuff like cereal bars, jaggery, dried apricots or apples. Here too moderation is the key.
  • Eat small but frequent meals: Breaking your meals into small frequent meals is the good to keep your metabolic rate high & aids digestion. So ideal gap should be every 3 hours.
  • Eat your dinner early: Try and finish dinner early and that should be the lightest meal of the day. As heavy and late dinner is the culprit for weight gain.
  • Say no to oil: Avoid fried fatty foods, salted snacks, processed foods as they are loaded with preservatives & high sodium levels, which can lead to metabolic syndrome diseases.
  • Fill your diet with veggies: Increase intake of plenty of fruits and vegetables in raw & cooked form to increase in fibre intake as it has a satiety value and a low Glycemic index.
  • Opt for the GPRS rule: In case of eating out, one must apply GPRS Rule: Grilled, Poached, Roasted, Sautéed or steamed.
  • Keep a check on your vitamins and minerals: Besides above special care should be taken that some important vitamins & minerals are being taken in optimum quantity like calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin D & B12, folic acid & potassium. This can be met if proper well-balanced diets along with all the diet tips mentioned above are incorporated in the diet on daily basis.


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