Tips To Remain Healthy For A Working Mother | Tips To Remain Healthy For A Working Mother |

Healthy Habits for a Working Mother

Healthy Habits for a Working Mother

by: Dr. Shweta Mendiratta
Associate Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology

It’s often said that to be a mother is a 24/7 job , then wonder what is it to be a working mother ??? Women have been multitaskers ever since they came into being , so it’s not difficult at all to be a working mother . It just requires one to well organized and to take care of one’s health. Following are some of the habits and life style aspects that each working woman needs to inculcate in her life.

1. To eat healthy is very important: Make sure that you take a balanced diet with adequate proteins , carbohydrates and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and of course dairy products . They will not only keep up your energy levels but maintain your overall health. Your bones, skin, hair, immune system etc must be in good health.

2. Be as particular about your health checkups as you are about your child’s:  Don’t forget only if you are healthy, will you be able to keep your family healthy. Regular blood tests, Pap smears, mammography are just to name a few.

3. Drink plenty of water : Maintain good hydration. This will protect against a variety of ailments and keep you very fit.

4 . No matter how busy you are , take our time and exercise:  Hit the gym or rock on Zumba beats, put on your shoes and go for a jog or relax by swimming with your little one! Yoga and aerobics are also great options .This will not only keep you in good shape and help you shed those extra kilos, but also increase your stamina and keep you healthy.

5. Sleep well! : Working moms need a little extra sleep and you need to put everything aside when it comes to getting those extra minutes. This is important for you to get refreshed for every upcoming day .

6.Never hesitate to ask for extra help :  Be it your family or a domestic help, it will always ease out your stress and give you a little extra time for your chores.

7. Don’t let your hobbies die! : Sing, dance , read a book or whatever you like .. This will keep you stress free and the “you” in you will never get lost!!

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